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Mt Maroon (Mt Barney National Park)
18 Aug, 2019
6km return
5 hrs
I’ve been wanting to climb Mt Maroon for a while, and today was forecast to be perfect so a plan was made. I arrived at the car parking area at about 9am – and there were already quite a lot of people here. I started up the dusty trail. Clouds of dust formed every time my boot went down. They need rain out here so badly. Even the prickly pears are withered!

I started climbing the spur and clambering over the rocks. The dust did make navigation easy though, I don’t think there’s any way of losing the trail up here at the moment, and if you did for some reason you would find it again as long as you stick to the top of the spur. Then a quick change of scene – one minute you’re walking the ridge, next thing you’re climbing in the bottom of a valley. This part wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, I just took it slow – and ignored the sign that tells you not to linger in this zone. I rested when I needed it.

Made it to the summit and admired the views. Barney is amazing, but the view towards Rathdowney and Running Creek Valley were so nice, even though the ground was brown. Lake Maroon on the other side looked inviting.

Time to climb down. I was a bit worried about the descent. I don’t descend well. I often get sore knees and am far from nimble. I’m a climber, not a descender. I was surprised - I climbed down the valley and was surprised how quickly it took. But then the trek down the spur… one of my knees was getting a bit sore, and I felt like I was trekking down through the dust forever. Down and Down. But eventually I was back at the carpark. 3 hours up and 2.5 hours down.
Westray's Grave from Christmas Creek (Lamington National Park)
13 Aug, 2019
7.5km return
3.5 hrs
Arrived at the parking area at the end of Christmas Creek Road at noon, made my way through the private property easement to the National Park sign. Made my way to the massive fallen tree and walked across to the other side of the creek. Would be quite easy to slip the shoes and socks off and cross the creek if you don’t want to do the balancing act across the log, but it really is quite easy. From then the track was quite distinct. Plenty of tape marks the way. There was one spot about 950m from the grave that I made a mental note of a direction change in the trail that I thought might trip me up on the way back.

The walk is quite easy, a few minor scrambles through small gullies near the creek, but nothing difficult. Saw the start of the ascent to the Stinson – wow. That’s a whole lot of up hill. I wouldn’t do that one by myself though. Then before I knew it, I was at Westray’s Grave. A beautiful area.

One hour out and one hour back. Navigation is easy enough with a reasonable trail to follow, and plenty of tape, but if you really got lost you could follow the creek back to your car.
Walk on Water Track (New South Wales)
5 Aug, 2019
Very Easy
1km return
45 mins
Nice easy walk, you wouldn’t know the busy Gold Coast was so close. The boardwalks wind through some nice mangroves. Possible to jump off the boardwalk and explore further to the east too.
Pinnacle Walk and Lookout (Border Ranges National Park)
Feb, 2019
Very Easy
800m return
30 mins
A nice easy walk to see some amazing views of the Tweed Caldera. There are better views to be had by climbing over the barrier and walking out to the end. If you've got a thing for heights you may be best staying at the lookout, but the 1km, (45min) walk out to the end has much better views and is far more rewarding. Takes this from a 'Very Easy' to a 'Medium' walk though. Check out if you're curious!