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Mothar Mt Rock Pools (Woondum National Park)
17 Jul, 2019
500m return
30 mins
It is a most beautiful place to walk through an easy walk of the 3 that is here at Woondum National Park. I don’t understand why people call it Mothar Mountain. There is no mention of it on the National Parks Sign. Still very beautiful and very cold in winter. We were the only ones there this day. We did do a walk through the rock pools as well. There’s is a bit of a track then leads overs rocks to other side. A medium walk over along the rocks. There is a bit of track on the other side. We could have gone a bit further decided not to.
Mt Walsh Waterfall Creek (Utopia Falls) (Mount Walsh National Park)
19 Jun, 2019
3km return
1 hr
It took me a long time to figure how to get here. So many different directions. I finally made it. To get here you don't need a 4wd like some say. Maybe if there was a lot of rain. Anyway we parked at the entry. I set my walking app. It told me I had done 4.33klms (remember this is an app so is probably wrong still ) and took me a little over 2 hours. Reason being I have bad legs so I go slow besides I am in no hurry. When we got there it was beautiful. An enjoyable walk. It's amazing what you see when going that bit slower.