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Spicer's peak (Main Range National Park)
6 Jun, 2019
Very Hard
6km return
4 hrs
Enjoyed this walk. Beautiful views. The best views are before you reach the summit. The route description for this walk needs updating.
Start at Governor's Chair Lookout:
1. From the lookout take the 4x4 track. Forks after 250m. Take left fork.
2. Climb gentle slope to national park signage. Continue along track. Ground drops away to the left (E)
3. Track narrows, continue to climb, keeping the drop off within sight to the left
4. Obvious lookout
5. Backtrack slightly (10-20 metres) from the lookout, continue climbing with drop off to the left
6. Reach rocky outcrop. Go around it to the right (W) and follow the base of the cliff (keeping the rock face to your left)
7. Keep walking until you clamber over some rocks and tree trunks (to the left of a large tree) - 20-30 metres later you will come to a fallen, splintered tree
8. Head left (S), up the steep rocky incline. Beware - the soil is very loose on this section - watch your footing!
9. Keep going up until you come to the base of a cliff. Head left (E) to the end of the cliff. There is no path to speak of and it is v. overgrown in parts.
10. At the end of the cliff continue heading East for 100-200 metres before turning sharp right. Climb the steep grassy spur towards the peak.
11. Near the top, you will come to the base of a 30-40ft cliff. Head right around the cliff, keeping the rock close to you on the left.
12. After 150 metres (approx), you will come to a steep rock chimney (someone has left a rope there). Ignore this. Just the other side of this rocky outcrop is a clear route up through the undergrowth.
13. When the ground levels, head left to the summit, 2 minutes away. There is an overgrown cairn at the top.