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Mt Wagawn (Lamington National Park)
23 Jul, 2019
18km return
7 hrs
Really good walk, although we got lost on the way there following google map (again). So just be careful to go to Bina Bura and not just the location of the hike!
Mt Cougal (Springbrook National Park)
30 Jun, 2019
5 hrs
Very good hike, but also quite slippery and uphill ! Not really for beginners I guess. We did only one peak because we didn't know how far away was the other but it was really worth it. Most of the hike is in the rainforest which is really beautiful. We got lost on the way to the hike though : we went on the wrong side of the mountain thinking there was a road passing through but when we didn't find the road we figured google maps was wrong and that it was a private road we couldn't take. So we had to go around the mountain for another 20 min before reaching garden of eden road. But anyway, it's wet in the morning but the light is beautiful and we loved it!