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Conondale Great Walk (Conondale National Park)
28 Dec, 2017
56km return
4 days
I have the opposite view of other commenters in that the wetter first 2/3 of the walk is my favorite part, I find these parts of the forest absolutely stunning. The advantage with the Summer falls camp area is that it is next to water where as the previous two sites are not but there are some beautiful spots on the water along the way to enjoy on those days.

Quite a few day walkers use the first two thirds of the first day, visiting Artist Cascades and/or Booloumba Falls but then the trails are very quiet after that. This does come with there being lots of trees across the trail, but the remoteness of the forest is part of the charm.

We used mosquito repellant spray to repel and when needed remove leeches and that worked well.

I was quite surprised to find drop toilets stocked with plenty of toilet paper at each of the remote camp sites. The is plenty of water in tanks at each site but having a treatment method would definitely be recommended, the water at the second site is a bit discoloured by leaf-litter in the collection gutter. There are quite a few creek locations where very clean water can be collected and treated too; these are obvious on the map.