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Northbrook Gorges

If you want a shorter walk in to Northbrook Gorge, this is how I get there.

Head up to Mt.Glorious and continue through on the Mt. Nebo / Mt. Glorious Road towards Fernvale / Wivenhoe Dam. As a marker / checkpoint, about 9 kilometres on from the Miala Cafe at Mt. Glorious (the cafe where MANY motorcycle riders congregate for Coffee and Cakes especially on the weekend), you will pass the turnoff to Wivenhoe Outlook on your left.

The road then descends very steeply from here. After a further 2.5 kilometres you will see a Road Warning Sign indicating a right-hand, hairpin bend with a 20 kph advisory. DO NOT go round this bend. Turn off the road to your right maybe 25 metres short of the road sign and park in the cleared area.

It is a blind bend, but motor vehicle traffic coming the other way is making a steep climb and not generally going fast - so use caution. (Motorcyclists are a bit quicker though). There might be a bit of a washed-out gutter to cross (but every so often, Main Roads fills it in), so pick your angle and go slowly to avoid bottoming out.
Your vehicles brakes will be quite hot from the steep descent. In summer time, you might take care not to park in long dry grass – fire hazard??

Head down on foot towards the lower end / natural 'point' of this parking area (The road descends around this 'point'). Near the ‘point’ a track heads to the left and down to the road. Cross the road carefully. You have to climb over the guardrail. Just above the lower of two sets of black and white, cornering indicator signs, a track descends to Northbrook Creek.

It takes 7 - 10 minutes to walk down to creek. The last bit is steep and can be slippery, especially if wet. You will note that where you get down to Northbrook Creek, immediately on your left, a little gully enters. (This is a good marker when you are walking out to indicate that you need to leave the creek and walk back up to the road).

Head upstream - that is to your left.

After 3 - 5 minutes you'll come to a big boulder sitting in the creek. (The little 'cave' immediately to the left of this boulder is / was home to hundreds of large moths that rest on the rock wall. If you startle them you might find yourself in a mini swarm).

The heavy rains of Summer Season 2011/2012 washed a LOT of gravel from the slopes into the creek. This means that some rockpools that you would previously have had to swim through, are now just an easy walk or wade through.

Northbrook Gorge and its series of rock pools, is another 30 or so minutes upstream.

Zanah on Jan, 2017

Northbrook Gorges

Further photos for my 'Directions' Comment. Zanah.

Zanah on Jan, 2017

Northbrook Gorges

And the LAST directions photo. Zanah.

Zanah on Jan, 2017
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