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Mt Cougal (Springbrook National Park)
28 Aug, 2017
5 hrs
Apparently the track up to Cougal has been clearer as of august 23.Thats amazing! Years ago it was always slashed up until the start of the rainforest.but has in recent years been a winding , confusing head high tangle of grass. I Think national parks must have forgotton it existed. So its good to hear tha its clearer as of aug.2017.will think about a day trip soon! For those who havent gone,go! Its a gret walk.the cave is almost straight upslope once you reach east Cougal and kind of hidden down behind some boulders. Beware of a false trail off to the right.the track has been changing alot due to tree false . Traverse to the right after the cave and find the scuffle marks on the rocks and tree roots where people climb the cliff break. Great views at the top of eaxtern peak!A steep track goes straight down to the saddle where there is room for one small tent if youre interested. The route along the cliff face to western peak is rough and you must take great care scrambling up through the foliage and spear lillies.Make sure you have reasonable experience or are with someone who has!Its quite rough but well worth the effort,the top has spectacular views over to mt Warning and its a beautiful campsite;but make sure you bring water! If going to Boyds Butte ,watch the plentiful lawyer vine.There is a wide saddle between Cougal andthe route to Boyds,but if returning thhe same way stick close to the central ridge to regain the Cougal track.Be careful climbi g around the pinnacles near the butte (but do it!).A rough usually taped route leads south from here steeply down to a flat stony area and then down a side spur to Currumbin ck.The spur has a taped route but is easy enough to follow and is well worthwhile checking out!At the bottom, just turn left to the car park at the rockpools .If you still have energy,turn right instead for some fabulous rockpools to cool off in! TREKK ON BABE!!
Springbrook Pinnacle (Springbrook National Park)
10 Nov, 2012
20km return
7 hrs
Haven't been to the pinnacle for ages, but it's a delightful walk. You won't need a taped trail if you are experienced, but on return there is a confusing ridge junction to be wary of. If in doubt when returning, keep to the left of the ridge as much as possible. It's a great day walk.