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Stretcher Track (Lamington National Park)
26 Oct, 2019
20.5km one-way
2 days
Did this walk over the weekend, all in all the track is in pretty good shape. For the most part you can discern a track, only complications are tree falls over several parts of the track which require a bit of circumnavigating to find the trail again. Tape as been well placed throughout the whole track, making navigation a hell of a lot easier and puts the mind at ease you're on the right track.
This walk is a decent slog though, especially with overnight gear. It took us 7.5hrs to get to the Stinson Wreck Campground, 2 hours to descend to the end of Christmas Ck Rd, and because I'm a numpty who left my cars keys in our other car another 1.5hrs to get from the end of Christmas Ck Rd back to the end of Gap Ck Rd.
Compass/GPS I feel very essential, if not simply for peace of mind. Sometimes the trail gets very unclear and it was handy to check our bearing to keep heading in the right direction. The trail is marked on QTopo for reference.
As others have said, be aware of Stinging Trees (the young ones have quite a bite!), Lawyer Vine and the Native Raspberries. They cause a bit of grief from time to time, especially the vines.
Definitely recommend this walk though, however it's not for the faint hearted.
Cedar Creek - Black Creek (South East Queensland)
6 Jan, 2018
6 hrs
Absolutely fantastic walk! Beautiful scenery, plenty of swimming holes and waterfall galore.
A few notes for people thinking of attempting this walk:
-the rock scrambling is easy enough, just like Northbrook Gorge only a bit more vertical, and nothing nearly as challenging as say Mt Barney. Only one particularly hairy spot, but a rope is tied to a tree so it's easy as. If you've done indoor rock climbing before you'll be fine.
-when you're approaching the top of Black Creek (you'll know it, lots of lantana starts to become apparent on the higher slopes) keep an eye out on the right for a cleared path through lantana that takes you past the local Fire Brigade shed and up to Lindsay Rd.
-research these three plants: Lawyer vine/wait-a-while, stinging nettle and stinging tree. Very nasty, and very abundant at times. Learn and avoid.

Took myself and a mate about 6hrs, including about 3-4 swimming breaks and a couple of food breaks along the way, as well as getting excited and trying to exit Black Creek too early, only to find ourselves swamped in lantana and native raspberry.

One of the best and most stimulating walks I've done on Mt Glorious
Piper Comanche Wreck (D'Aguilar National Park)
2 Dec, 2017
7.5km return
2 hrs
Great walk, superb rainforest. Just be careful of leeches around times of good rain, we were swamped by them.
I will add a few comments on the directions as we almost took the wrong path and couldn’t find the wreck. The entrance to the track is less than 100m from the gate, look for pink tape on your right. The small rock cairn is indeed small, only about as high as your ankle, but easy enough to spot. And once you go down the steep rocky section and hit the gully, following the path along it (on left hand bank heading down) the track loops back a bit and the wreck is above your head.
Easy walk, easy pink tape navigation. Thanks for the info!!
Northbrook Mtn bush camp walk (D'Aguilar National Park)
23 Aug, 2017
4.5 hrs
Great walk, we extended it to England Creek Bush Camp and back, 21km all up.
Northbrook Summit is beautiful, great landscape views if you perch yourself on top of the big rock up there.
Birdlife is fantastic, although the bell miners do have control of an alarming amount of space. Saw a small lace monitor too cashing in on the first heat of Spring creeping through.
Conondale Great Walk Southern Cct (Conondale National Park)
25 Jul, 2017
29km one-way
6 hrs
Fantastic walk, truly beautiful forest. Enormous lush eucalypts tower overhead, definitely worth seeing.
The terrain is great for a brisk walk, myself and a friend did the 29km in 5.5hrs with one food break. Keen to do the full circuit with overnight stays.
Mt Nebo - Honey Track (D'Aguilar National Park)
14 Jul, 2017
13km return
3 hrs
Great little walk, a few good geologically fascinating rock outcrops along the ridge. Good example of BMAD with the bell miner colony you'll walk through, they may sound pretty but they're an ecological menace. Saw some flowering acacia and native sarsaparilla too which added some nice colour to the walk.
Stinson Crash Site from Christmas Creek (Lamington National Park)
May, 2017
15km return
8 hrs
Gruelling walk but well worth it. Long pants/sleeves is recommended, although will that increase your chances of getting caught on the abundant and aptly named wait-a-while vine perhaps. Do a check for ticks afterwards too, I had one on me.
The path scrambles and winds its way up, however is pretty well defined. A walk to point lookout while you're there is recommended, pretty amazing view. Get a map from QTopo, the path is marked on there. A must do walk I would say.
The Northbrook River Trail (Northbrook Gorges) (Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park)
3 hrs