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Mount Coolum (Sunshine Coast)
4 Mar, 2018
2.6km return
90 mins
Beautifully curated walk with handbuilt stairs most of the way. Popular busy track, exposed at top so bring sunscreen. Fairly steep gradient, good for training.
Dularcha NP - Roses Circuit (Sunshine Coast)
Mar, 2018
8.1km return
2.5 hrs
The roses circuit track was really good for someone who wanted to get in some steep uphills/undulating track. There are views along parts of the walk but not panoramic. The tunnel is super cool - I tracked 12km with Roses circuit and tunnel walk combined. Recommend.
Komine Circuit (Parklands Conservation Park)
18 Jun, 2017
11km return
2.5 hrs
The access to the track is just off the highway on Bli Bli Rd, you have to walk up another track to get to it. Signage is confusing, back although we back tracked a few times it was still enjoyable, with large paths, some lovely creek crossings, and some pretty big hills to get a sweat up.

There is some signage saying track upgrades will be down from June 2017, and evidence that supports that, hopefully it includes better signage.
Mt Miketeebumulgrai (Glass House Mountains National Park)
21 May, 2017
1.2km return
70 mins
I did this walk on a nice sunny day, two days after it had been raining. Found it a little hard to find a park, I suggest across the street on left side embankment.

The walk itself is a bit of a choose your own adventure, head straight past the sign till you get to the quarry, take a right and immediately after the quarry start to head up - you should be able to see some ribbon tags leading the way up. I kind of crisscrossed a bit, determined by stability of rocks. Due to the lack of definite path it is tougher than what the length and height of track would suggest, but it was a very pleasant walk which I would do again.

Be careful on the way down, take your time as the rocks are not too stable. I accidentally veered a bit too right on way back to the private property fencing, and had to track back to the path through roo tracks in the paperbark, but that too was quite lovely.

Cool Cairn on top, nice views. Worthwhile walk.
Mt Elimbah (The Saddleback) (Glass House Mountains National Park)
21 May, 2017
1.7km return
75 mins
I attempted this walk but couldn't find a path, and it was getting dark. I parked near the sign and took the path to the right which led all the way to a private property, back tracked and couldn't find a path heading to mountain. I did go into the bush towards the river, and say two MASSIVE barking owls perched on an old growth tree. Honestly never seen them so big - so that was a high light. Will go back and try again.