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Wilson's Peak (Main Range National Park)
7 Aug, 2016
Very Hard
5 hrs
Well, to be honest, I wouldn't call it a track. It was like: let's go up on this ridge, even if it's overgrown by thick bush. The main difficulty on this hike was to find at least a tiny little path to walk on. You can find some old, rotten poles and some patches of rabbit fence wires as you progress further and use them as navigation aid but due to the thick vegetation it’s very easy to miss them and get lost.
So most of the time we were either pushing through thick vegetation (real bush bashing) or wondering aimlessly to find our way or jumping over/crawling under wired fences. For us it was more like a bush navigational exercise. 3 hrs up and 2 hrs down with lot of GPS usage. On the way up we chose to go around the big farm with the new fence from the right side, the way back we came from the other side but I’m still wondering which could have been the original track as both ways were equally hard to do :) The rocks at the top were not very difficult and the view was superb!
In summary, awesome experience but would not do it again soon :)