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Mount Bartle Frere - Eastern Approach (Wooroonooran National Park)
8 Jul, 2016
Very Hard
15km return
12 hrs
Did this with my 15yr old daughter. First 4k is moderate. Kms 4 - 6.5 is hard (ie slightly harder than Walsh's Pyramid), but don't let this get inside your head, it gets better. Kms 6.5 - 7.5 is back to being uphill but okay. At a steady walk, we started at 23min Kms, then slowed to 37min kms, then went back to 23min kms. There is a boulder field before the top which again, slows you down, and another steep bit before the top, but you're not gong to turn around with 500m to go. (GPS had this down as 8.1km to the top) The best views are at the boulder field, in fact getting to the top is a bit of an anticlimax. We did this walk in early July, Zero Leeches, but we did use some 'Bushman's' etc on socks and shoes before leaving. Starting temp was 13 degrees, I only needed a long sleeve T-shirt for the entire day. Despite being winter, I still drank 2ltr of water, you'd have to take double that in summer for sure.

Next time I'll take some bicycle gloves as the rocks, trees and roots etc that I used for 3rd contact points started to get a bit rough on the hands.

In researching this trek before going I was concerned about how long it would take me, a lot of feedback recommends two days: - The trail is better than Walshes Pyramid - and if you are from Cairns, is of a similar quality to the Blue Arrow. My daughter and I are of above average fitness, but not elite. We got to the top in 4 hours fairly comfortably. Obviously coming back down is a bit quicker depending on the state of your knees. This is the best hike I've done and the view is worth the climb.