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South Kobble bush camp walk (D'Aguilar National Park Bush Camps)
11 Jun, 2016
Very Hard
6 hrs
Somewhat accurate notes, I'd add that you should head down the ridge north east of knoll 560. There was a very clear track downhill until about 20m from the creek where there was a bit of Lantana. Found South kobble camp after 10m of sitting by the waterhole west of it. There is a small rocky cliff (6m) that we climbed to get to the camp as there was no clear track around the waterhole. Camp was pretty well maintained, wrote in the visitor book, seems like visitors are few and far between. Nice cascades 20m upstream that we went for a swim in.

After a nice camp we headed south up muscat creek (the branch directly south of where we came down on the ridge) towards pipe comanche. Amazing gorge a couple k's up muscat, better than northbrook. Many decent swimming holes and one huge waterfall that took us 30mins to get around up loose scree. Rock climbing skills were necessary to progress any further up the creek. Great walk overall.