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Albert River Circuit (Lamington National Park)
Mar, 2016
21.8km return
7 hrs
All of you will think me stupid, and that's fine, because what I did was downright stupid and could have easily got me killed.
I did this walk alone. Very unexperienced (first proper hike) and very unprepared.

Gear: Shorts, t-shirt, old sneakers. Back-pack containing 600ml of water that I never drank.
Weather: Horrible. Light rain turned to a storm and torrential rain and icy winds.
Time took: 6.5 hours without stopping

Comments: I know this track was beautiful, but I was having such a bad time out there I couldn't stop to look. I didn't find the track to be that visible at all, in fact often times there were other tracks leading off from it, or it was completely covered in storm damage. Almost became lost a few times. Needs better signage.
I got covered in a hundred leeches, I had blood running off me everywhere.
Some steep cliff drops with slippery rocks.
Once the freezing torrential rain set in, coupled with that icy wind, I got pretty sick and stiff and even saw things that didn't exist.
But I persisted, and I finished the track.

What I did was VERY stupid, and I know I could have lost my life out there. Next time, I will do it all properly. Don't know what exactly I was thinking.