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Upper Portals (Mt Barney National Park)
14 Aug, 2015
3.5 hrs
My girlfriend and I completed this hike on a perfect 'Winter's' day with not a cloud in the sky nor encountering a single soul from start to finish.
After parking our car at the waterfall creek reserve, we had to walk along the 4x4 track for a few Kms which took us over an hour. This track goes through private property, so be mindful in keeping to the track and closing a couple of gates you'll pass through, as the fields are full of livestock. This track is indeed steep and truly only suitable for 4x4's.
After this slog up the track you will finally reach the beginning of the upper portals hike on the left hand side, with an information board. From here it is 4km to the first part of the Upper Portals. Continue up along the cleared ridge (the highest point of the hike). Here you will be rewarded of views of the West and East peaks of Mt Barney straight ahead of you, and great views of Mt May (which you would have been walking around to reach this point) and Mt Maroon to your left. Back behind you will be the peaks of the Moogerah NP, Maroon dam, and further afield Flinders Peak.
Continue down the path where you will reach the boundary of Mt Barney NP, and take a right going down hill (this will be the steepest part of the hike coming back for a few hundred meters). At the bottom take a left, it is 2.7km from this point and a relatively smooth run to the portals from here. The path will cross a creek numerous times (keep an eye out for snakes, as we stumbled upon a red bellied black snake basking in the sun right next to path after crossing the creek).
Just before you will reach Yamahra creek, Yamahra campsite will be on your left hand side. Then cross the creek and follow a path on the other side, follow the creek downstream and after a few minutes you will reach the upper section of the Upper portals. Cross over the creek again and climb steeply upwards following a faint path and down the other side to reach the lower section of the Upper portals.
Having hiked both the Upper and Lower portals before I would say they are both fairly similar, however the Lower Portals are more popular and somewhat more accessible.