Tasman National Park

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10 km
4 hrs

Cape Hauy

The walk provides some magnificent views of the Tasman Peninsula Coast with high cliffs and spectacular rock formations. A very enjoyable walk from Fortescue Bay on a well marked track

4.5 km return
2 mins

Cape Raoul Lookout

A shorter walk instead of the big one just to the lookout of Cape Raoul.

17 km one-way
7 hrs

Fortescue Bay Hike

This is day two of the three capes hike. Today the group will hike 17 Klm's and take up to 7 hours. You will see great views from cliff tops go through rain forests and if your lucky see a water fall. By the end of the day you will need a long soak but feel elated with what you have accomplished.

200 m return
15 mins

Remarkable Cave

A short boardwalk to a lookout over a tunnel/cave that leads out to sea.

4.5 km return
90 mins

Shipstern Bluff Lookout

Lookout of Shipstern Bluff (shorter Walk)

41 km return
1 days

Three Capes

A one day “express” version of the new Three Capes Track in Tasmania, on the Tasman Peninsula - this route covers 90% of the official "Three Capes Experience" track, and could also be done over two days camping at he only designated campsite.

14.8 km return
5.5 hrs

Tunnel Bay

Tunnel Bay

4 km return
1 hr

Waterfall Bay

An easy short walk of approx 4km starting very close to Devils Kitchen and ending at Waterfall Bay Lookout.