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An undulating hike along fire trails starting at the Borumba Dam wall, finishing at the summit of Mt Borumba.

Picnic Facilities
Navigation Required
Eucalypt Forest
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Set your GPS to the Borumba Dam Picnic area.

Route/Trail notes

After parking at the Day Use area, backtrack along the road towards the dam wall where you will find a gated fire trail with a sign stating - No unauthorised vehicle access. This track starts off pretty nice but gets very steep before intercepting the main fire trail at the top of the ridge. Here you will turn right and gradually ascend the fire trail. You will reach another T intersection with a big water tank, turn right again hopping over another gate. Not long after this you will reach the summit where you will find a small rocky outcrop with a view. Return the same way, or you can make it a circuit and continue along the ridge track before making an extremely steep descent down another fire trails that pops out around the Dam Pump Station. Along the ridge you will see some obstructed views of the Dam and surrounding mountains. 


This walk may have been closed to unauthorised people. You'll need to verify if public access is allowed before walking.

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GPS Tracks

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I might start with this was quite challenging and I've done a few mountains this year. Firstly Lessons learnt ... read the info posted on this website as it will help!!! I naturally popped 'mount borumba' in my gps instead of what is suggested and the gps literally took me up the actual mountain. I might advise it's definitely not suitable for any car that isn't a 4wd, I'm still not sure how I managed to get up and as it's a one car sized track you can't turn around until you come to the open forked road or the water tank. So I spent roughly 40 minutes driving up then down then to correct location before even beginning to ascend. I took my family with me. With intentions of starting early failing due to my lack of knowledge on the correct gps location and starting point... We set off mid morn and it was hot. We took 7 bottles of water and drank a lot of that on ascension. (Second lesson learnt... leave esky in car full of cold water for return)The hike was rocky with slight mud sections then the climb. Oh my. It was steep. I encouraged my children to climb where the tyre tracks had been as that seemed a more natural step to go up as opposed to the slippery rocky terrain inbetween the tyre tracks. I wore great grip climbing shoes so that helped a lot. However walking amidst the big hard rocks I felt them when I stood directly on them. We got to the top which you could see the lake below but your view is obstructed by trees and that took us one hour and twenty minutes. Later when I got home I read this website about mount borumba and realised we hadn't reached the summit even though we thought we did so I think we needed to continue up as I'd seen the water tank when I drove up the other side which by the way was Derrier road... Stirling crossing or something. Again don't drive that way it's steep rocky with a few dirt mound hurdles that only 4wd should attempt. So our descend from the point we got to was intense because it was so steep a few in our group fell and grazed themselves so perhaps go slow and low when going down and use your legs and arms to aid you. I was saying I'd never go back but now I know I didn't quite get there I will try again but without my young family as the climbing part was not easy for them as I'd mistakenly assumed it would be. They made it all alive but I did carry one on my back a fair bit so I'd like to try with a little less extra strength training haha. It took approximately one hour down from our location, which wasn't quite the top but was high enough to see the lake below. So by all means enjoy the walk it's good and be prepared for the natural terrain steep climb as you certainly won't be walking up parts of this track!

Valda Wakefield on 26 Jan, 2021

The day use area was packed today (Sunday), did not expect the Dam to be as popular as it was. In saying that, I didn't see anyone else hiking up the mountain. Did the circuit as per the wikiloc track. The walk itself is like a combination of Mt Mermaid and Mt Allen. Unfortunately due to all the trees you will struggle to get many views along the way. The view at the top is pretty nice, even if it is only a smal window through the scrub. The descent was pretty intense, very loose dirt and rocks on a very steep incline. If you can walk down it without falling over you must be a lot more coordinated than I am. Saw heaps of goannas and a friendly tree snake.

Vonsnrub on 27 Sep, 2020


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