Mapleton National Park


Any interesting history for the region?


What are the standout bushwalking features?


How do you get there? Include all access points if there are many?


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37.5 km one-way
3 days

Sunshine Coast Great Walk - North to South - Gheerulla Camping Area to Baroon Pocket Dam

You'll enjoy walking past waterfalls, peering into gorges and resting near rock pools. There's some stunning views and wonderful lookouts along the way. Notice the plant communities around you and how they change from warm subtropical rainforest to tall open eucalypt forest; all protected in three beautiful national parks—Kondalilla, Mapleton Falls and Mapleton.

There are more than 100 species of birds, about 70 reptile species and more than 30 frog species, so you'll have lots of wildlife around you.

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk's many access points offer different walking options.

58.8km long-distance walking with overnighting in the three remote, walkers' camps
full-day walks with some comfortable holiday house accommodation nearby
shorter half-day walks.

200 m return
15 mins

Wappa Falls

Only a very short walk from the car park and a bit of rock hopping if you want some good pictures, with the option to walk up to the dam and Jack Harrison Park.