Buhot Creek Circuit

Daisy Hill Conservation Park

This trail starts from the upper day-use area and allows visitors to explore Daisy Hill Conservation Park and adjoining Neville Lawrie Reserve. Take time by tranquil waterholes and enjoy views from the old quarry.

Getting there

Exit the Pacific Highway (Junction 24). Follow the signs to the Koala Centre (which is in the park) onto Chatswood Road south of Springwood. Follow Chatswood Road turning left on Daisy Hill Road at the roundabout. The road eventually enters the park. Use the first carpark on the right hand side or drop down to the many car parks to the left (they have toilet facilities here).



The map is also available at the Koala Centre

Route/Trail notes

Lower area very well signed and mapped, just keep following the arrows and signs named "Buhot Creek". Top end not so.




Looped with Spotted Gum - 13 km walk

Matthew on 12 Jan, 2019

Nice day for a walk. Confusing directions about the halfway mark so we walked an extra km. This walk is longer than described at about 12km.
Saw two Lace Monitors and the prettiest little Red Backed Fairy Wren.
Next time will def bring bathers for a swim!

Jen on 6 Jan, 2019

lovely walk. shady bits along most of the track. saw 2 lace monitors, back end of a blue tongue lizard, lots of kookaburras and a pretty flowering plant of unknown identity. some people were swimming in the quarry.

happyhiker on 3 Nov, 2018

Combined this walk with the Spotted Gum Circuit to make a 13.6km walk. Was a nice day out, loads of mountain bikes around but they were all very considerate. An easy stroll. Didn't see any koalas though.

Leith on 17 Jun, 2018

What a hidden treasure! Great 9km walk.

Claire on 13 May, 2018

Nice easy walk along the fire break. For some variety at the Quarry walk along some of the bike trails

Megan and Allan on 25 Apr, 2018

Really great, little bit confusing but we got there in the end 10/10

TheHikingLeopard on 3 Mar, 2018

Have done this one a few times now and still seem to get a little confused as to where I am. The tracks aren't well signed and what signs there are a little confusing to follow. Can get quite hot during summer so make sure you have plenty of water and take some snacks. I enjoy that feeling of being a little lost though and just walking for the love of it and getting outdoors. I do however recommend not doing this one on your own until you are familiar with it.

Janelle on 2018

i loved this walk. i just meandered through the forest trails all day.i had the parks map but found it easier navigating without it.
posted my walk on youtube (koala bushlands).

gizmobazz on 23 Aug, 2017

Despite map and GPS i also took some wrong turns. Easy walk and the old quarry is a peaceful place to relax

luvwalking on 19 Aug, 2017

As this is local to me I walk in Daisy Hill Conservation park most mornings. I find all walks in this park are well signed and and a reasonable fitness level should get you around.

Woody on 31 Jul, 2017

Parts of the track are not well sign posted so make sure you have a map.

Grover on 2 Oct, 2016

Ended up on the stringy bark trail.
Buhot circuit is well signed for the first few Kms and then nothing... Nice walk though

Guy on 27 Dec, 2015

I completed Buhot Creek Circuit today and being my first time at Daisy Hill, I got lost a couple of times as it's not always clear which track to take when you have more than one to choose from (and no signs mentioning Buhot). I didn't take a map of the walks so more human error than anything else. It was a bit hot & humid as it got toward the end of the walk but otherwise quite pleasant. Including detours, distance was 11.9km and took just a little over 2 hours.

BrentG on 4 Nov, 2015

Did the Stringybark trail. Nice and easy. Took about 90 mins with a toddler on my back. Just need to be careful as its a shared trail wit mountain bikes

Raphael on 15 Aug, 2015

Another day out for the kids (6 & 8), with a picnic at the top of the quarry. The adults were also doing a full kit backpack (12kg) check for their Mt Bartle Frere climb next month.

We set off in a anti-clockwise direction (should have gone clockwise; more logical) and although the route was crisscrossed with bike/horse tracks, there were sufficient indicators to be able to follow the map we had to the top of the quarry without problems on a easy track. Great views from there.

Once you cross the gates into the quarry and north east area, all logical signage disappears! Despite the map and a GPS, we ended up missing access to the Stonehenge, Grasstree and Plunkett area. Sections of the circuit have been given other 'road/trail/track' names that do not appear on the map or index; very confusing.

However, our detour made the adventure all the more fun; dodging the trail bike riders and we ended up covering just short of 10km in just over 3hr.

F.A.B. on 8 Aug, 2015

Nice walk, pretty well signed, some little extra tracks of a few hundred metres each you can add to the walk (I did Sleepy Hollow for the novelty creepiness, it did not disappoint). You cross into a differently-named area at one point (I think it was a timber reserve?), and then back out towards the end. Got a bit lost through the quarry area - wandered around exploring and had to follow some mountain bike trails to rejoin the main circuit.

Anonymous on Jul, 2015

I did the whole walk and as a student wildlife photographer there was plenty of animals around and the scenery was fantastic

flowdab on 9 Sep, 2013

Tranquil and beautiful on weekdays, busy at the weekend. Well signed, a few long hills

Big Boots on Jul, 2013

Not such an easy walk, quite hilly area but nice views. Signage wasn't great and took a bit of backtracking to get on the right path... I think it was 13 km later and we were finally finished.

Simo on 22 Jun, 2013


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