D'Aguilar National Park Bush Camps


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21 km
2 days

Aquila Loop

Remote bush camping in the remote middle section of the park, alongside picturesque England Creek at the England Creek bush camp. There are several waterholes along England Creek Road, 10 minutes south of the campsite. Look out for native daisies along the road edge flowering spring to summer. Pink rock orchids and tongue orchids can be seen growing on rock cuttings on Joyners Ridge Road in spring.

This trail can also be done as a day hike (6-10 hours).


Blue Gum Flat bush camp

As the name suggests, magnificent blue gums tower over this bush camp, a short walk from the scenic shores of Lake Manchester.


Cabbage Tree Creek bush camp

This open grassy bush camp is named after the nearby Cabbage Tree Creek, a tributary of Lake Manchester. It provides an excellent starting point to explore the creeks and peaks of this section of the park.

3 km
1 hr

Dundas Road bush camp walk

Dundas Road bush camp.Remote bush camping in open eucalypt forest. Enjoy picturesque wet eucalypt forest on your walk to the campsite. This campsite is the most accessible remote campsite in the park and suits overnight campers with some walking experience and fitness.
This is a great place to base yourself to go exploring other areas.

3.6 km
3.5 hrs

Light Line bush camp walk

Remote bush camping in open eucalypt woodland surrounded by bloodwoods, grey gums and tallowwoods. The uncommon shrub, Goodenia ovata, shows off its yellow flowers in spring and autumn along the road edge on the walk in.

10 km
5 hrs

Middle Kobble bush camp walk

Remote bush camping in an open grassy area next to Kobble Creek, in the remote northern section of the park. A short walk takes you to the top of the Kobble Creek waterfall. Keep an eye out for the prehistoric-looking Lepidozamia (cycads) on your walk to the bush camp. Skinks and keelbacks (freshwater snakes) can be seen basking on the rocks at the top of Kobble Creek waterfall. Bottlebrush plants flower along the creek beside the bush camp in spring.

20 km return
8 hrs

North Kobble bush camp walk

Remote bush camping in open eucalypt forest adjacent to Kobble Creek. The campsite has no facilities other than a fire pit and some log seating. The campsite's access from Lepidozamia Road is by walking along a wide 4wd track. Navigation is relatively easy but you will need to be physically fit for the return journey as the terrain is steep in sections. The walk in from Lepidozamia Road will take approximately 3 hours, and the walk out approximately 4 hours. Distance is is approximately 10km each way. An emergency plan should be in place with a responsible friend or family member. A topographic map is required to find the campsite — map grid reference: 778 856.

10.4 km
4.5 hrs

Northbrook Mtn bush camp walk

Remote bush camping on a high ridge overlooking Kipper Creek in wet sclerophyll forest. Northbrook Mountain summit is approximately a 15-minutes walk from the campsite. The summit affords extensive views looking south across the England Creek catchments and is covered in mountain heath, where wildflowers bloom between winter and spring.
Some areas thick with bell miners but away from them plenty of other species.

There is a much nice alternate, albeit less obvious or well trodden route to the lookout near the camp.

Follow the path as normal - once you see the sign AS0361 there is a steep(ish) oot track on the left. If you download What3words the exact location (revisited.sharks.silent). This route is slower going and often quiet steep but considerably more scenic off the 4wd 🚙 track.

If taking it from the lookout, just follow the ridge line at the lookout and you’ll notice a footpath. The Initial descent is tricky but don’t let that scare you off. Once you get going the scenery is great.

8 km
2.5 hrs

Scrub Road bush camp walk

Remote bush camping in open eucalypt woodland among magnificent spotted gums, ironbarks and grey gums.

Very Hard
10 km
6 hrs

South Kobble bush camp walk

Remote bush camping in open forest beside Kobble Creek.