Hallasan Mountain

South Korea

A nice day walk up to the summit of South Korea's highest mountain Hallasan located on Jeju Island.

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Getting there

The start of the walk depends on which trail you take. There are two options - Option 1: Gwaneumsa Trail which commences at the Gwaneumsa Visitor Centre Option 2: Seongpanak trail which commences at the Seongpanak visitor centre. If you are coming from the airport the Gwaneumsa trail is quite a bit closer. Taxis are very cheap on Jeju island, a trip from the airport to the Gwaneumsa trail shouldn't cost more than $30AUD. Otherwise there are parking facilities at the visitor centres. 

Route/Trail notes

This article will just outline the Gwaneumsa trail. Out of the 2 trails this is considered the more difficult steeper option. Some people choose to go up via Seongpanak and come down via Gwaneumsa. Keep in mind the Seongpanak trail is slightly longer and takes longer to get to from Jeju city. Gwaneumsa starts off quite nicely with a very easy incline. After a few kms you will encounter a bridge followed by a big staircase, after this point get ready for a lot of uphill. The gradient is steep but certainly not diabolically steep, there are frequent rest areas and signs showing how far you have to go. Eventually you will reach a moderate sized ranger station which has toilets and lots of places to stop and have a rest before tackling the summit. You will need to reach this point by 12:30pm otherwise the rangers will not let you progress to the summit. The next stretch to the summit is steeper but a lot more scenic than the first section. You will know you have reached the top when you come across a large rest area, big rock marking the summit and amazing views out to the ocean and into the crater of the volcano. You won't need a GPS or a map as the track is very well marked and sign posted and even has rope hand rails the vast majority of the way.



You will have to reserve a spot in advance. The permit is free but keep in mind if you obtain a permit and then don't show up on the day, you will be banned from climbing for an unknown amount of time. 

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Wow South Korea really spends a lot of time and money maintaining their tracks, was very impressed just how much effort went into it. If I had to compare it to a mountain I've done in Australia in terms of length and gradient I would say Mt Bogong. It is relatively straight forward but it is still challenging enough to make it quite rewarding. Lots of people going up and down. I was one of the last ones up because I had flown in from Seoul that morning and didn't start the walk until after 9am. Still made it to the ranger station with plenty of time to spare before the 12:30pm lock out. On the way down saw a few hikers who missed the cut off and were being sent back down. There is a place a little past the ranger station where you can fill up your water bottle with fresh mountain water. Really great way to spend a day, was definitely my highlight staying on Jeju - but I guess it always was going to be being that it was main reason I was there. Interesting fun fact - the air route from Seoul to Jeju is the most busiest air route in the world.

Vonsnrub on 4 Sep, 2023


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