Dorrigo National Park

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4.8 km return
90 mins

Casuarina Falls Circuit

Enjoy the views of Dorrigo National Park and a series of waterfalls and creeks during a hike along Casuarina Falls circuit.

3 km return
90 mins

Crystal Shower Falls Walk

The walk to Crystal Shower Falls might be one of the shortest waterfall walks, but it is also one of the most intriguing because you can go behind the waterfall itself. Lush rainforest towers above you on the walk to the falls and you might hear the call of rainforest birds like fruit doves.

Once you reach the falls, a suspension bridge leads to a short side track that will take you behind the waterfall into a rocky cavern.

To get to Crystal Shower Falls you’ll need to take the first part of the Satinbird stroll and then join the Wonga walk, leaving from The Glade picnic area. If you are feeling energetic and want to explore the rainforest more you can carry on walking the Wonga walk.

2.2 km return
30 mins

Red Cedar Falls Walking Track

Red Cedar Falls walking track leads to the largest waterfall in Dorrigo National Park.

The strenuous hike to Red Cedar Falls is one of suspense, with glimpses of dramatic vistas and World Heritage-listed rainforest. The waterfall is the largest in Dorrigo National Park, accessible by Red Cedar Falls walking track. Setting out on the hike to witness the beauty of Red Cedar Falls is definitely one of the best and most rewarding things to do if you’re visiting the Coffs Harbour area.

5.5 km return
90 mins

Rosewood Creek Walking Track

Rosewood Creek walking track meanders through stunning World Heritage-listed rainforest, offering places to picnic, birdwatching, waterfalls, and access to a crystal-clear river.

Best taken in an anti-clockwise direction, the peaceful Rosewood Creek walking track loops through astonishing World Heritage-listed rainforest, waterfalls, and creeks. Beginning and ending at Never Never picnic area, it offers a moderate walk for a leisurely afternoon.

You’ll pass some of the largest blackbutt and tallowwood trees you’re likely to ever see. The occasional giant stump acts as a reminder of earlier logging history in the area. You’ll also pass through coachwood, crabapple and sassafras trees on your way to Coachwood Falls.

Rosewood Creek offers sparkling pools and cascading waterfalls for budding photographers. Find a shady spot on the bank for a picnic snack, or pull out some binoculars for birdwatching. In spring, the area also blooms with flowering trees such as the famous Dorrigo waratah. To extend your walk, turn at the Red Cedar Falls junction, and return via a spectacular route.

Very Easy
200 m return
15 mins

Skywalk Lookout

Attached to Dorrigo Rainforest Centre, Skywalk lookout offers superb views over Dorrigo National Park with the Coffs coast in the backdrop.

6.6 km one-way
2.5 hrs

The Blackbutt Track

This walk takes you to the the Never Never picnic area through rainforest and two waterfalls. You can return to your car via a 5 km walk up the road. Walking in this direction the Bushwalk part is mostly downhill with an uphill walk after the second waterfall.

6.6 km return
2.5 hrs

The Wonga Walk

This rainforest walk is on a sealed track for its entire length, making it quite easy. However the track does descend to the bottom of the two waterfalls it passes before ascending to the start again. If following the track in a clockwise direction you will come to Tristania Falls which you pass in front of via a bridge. Crystal Shower falls is also seen from a bridge, and there is a track to walk behind these falls as well. The track can also incorporate the Walk with the Birds Boardwalk.