Cathedral Rock National Park


Cathedral Rock National Park is the perfect place for a relaxing day trip or camping holiday. Highlights of the park are the Cathedral Rock Track, Round Mountain, Woolpack Rocks, Warrigal Track and Barokee to Native Dog Creek.
Camping is available at Barokee and Native Dog.

Popular Walks

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20.8 km return
2 days

Barokee to Native Dog Creek

Barokee to Native Dog Creek walk links Cathedral Rock National Park’s two campgrounds and takes in Woolpack Rocks and Cathedral Rock. The track follows the Snowy Range and is a moderate grade apart from when you climb the rock features. There are a number of options for tackling this track, which can be started from either Barokee campground or Native Dog campground. You might leave your vehicle at one end then camp the night at the other and retrace your steps the next day, car shuffle for a one-way day walk, or hike the return 20.8km in one go.

6.2 km return
3.5 hrs

Cathedral Rock

The Barokee campground is the starting point for this walk. It is accessed via a rather rough unsealed road off the B78.

Cathedral Rock track is an exciting and challenging walk, near to Barokee campground and Round Mountain, offering scenic views across the New England Tablelands from the summit.

Hike up Cathedral Rock to sit on a natural throne perched on 100m of stacked boulders and survey your kingdom. The nearby Round Mountain is the highest point of the New England Tablelands, although only by a royal whisker at 1579m.

5.5 km return
2 hrs

Round Mountain

Round Mountain is the highest point of the New England Tablelands, at 1579m. However, the summit is occupied by Airservices Australia as an Air Navigation Facility, but this does not stop you walking around the perimeter and enjoying the views.