Mount Feathertop


Mount Feathertop, sometimes reffered to as the queen of the alps is the 2nd highest mountain in Victoria, standing at a height of 1922m.

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Shortly after the formation of the ski club at nearby Mount Hotham, people wondered what was out back 'o' beyond. Alah, they took on Feathertop, later on a hut was built along with a bungalo along the Bungalo Spur, these were burnt down in a bush fire but Federation Hut was rebuilt.


What are the standout bushwalking features?


There are several walking tracks up Mount Feathertop.

The Razorback Ridge. Distance: around 8kms. Time: 4-6 hours. Grade: Moderate/Steepish

The Bungalow Spur. Distance: 10.5kms. Time: 5-8 hours. Grade: Moderate, difficult in places, steep walk.

NW Spur. Distance: N/A. Time: N/A. Grade: N/A


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Where can I stay there? or near there?


Federation Hut offers camping and further down the Bungalo Spur there is also a camping area.


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