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Mount Larcom Walk (North Queensland)
7km return
4 hrs
I was so not prepared for this walk! It was harder than I imagined but well worth it. The trek is quite steep in some parts but the view at the top is gorgeous. It seemed very quiet which was nice given the narrow tracks at the top.
Boolimba Bluff (Carnarvon National Park)
10 Dec, 2017
6.4km return
3 hrs
Did this bad boy for sunrise. Wow it was spectacular!! Left the car park around 4.15am and it took 45min to get up the the lookout. It was beginning to get light at 4.30am. Full sunrise was at 5.45am so I had plenty of time to rest and enjoy the view. I really needed the rest because that ascent was soooooo intense!!!
There are 2 lookouts and a rock you can use as a lookout (but I don't think you are supposed so). It was great doing it for sunrise because the beauty of the gorge was a gift on the descent.

You will need water, good shoes and a head torch.
Art Gallery (Carnarvon National Park)
9 Dec, 2017
10.8km return
4 hrs
This was a fantastic walk. I tried to walk to Big Bend but I had trouble finding the path so I didn't push through. The path is quite clear up until this part of the gorge so it's easy to follow and not difficult physically. It was very hot and sunny which was the exhausting part. Take plenty of water unless you have a filtration straw/system and then you could take straight from the river as needed. There are 5 river crossings and some loose rocks so good footwear is better.

The Art Gallery was gorgeous. The stencilings and engravings look so fresh even though they are thousands of years old! There are information boards so you understand the messages being conveyed. On the way back I stopped in all the other sections. It was well worth the 10hr drive to see this place.
Table Top Loop (Toowoomba)
7 Dec, 2017
2km return
75 mins
Did this walk in the middle of the day. Boy was it hot!! I wouldn't recommend doing it at this time. The drive down there was interesting in my city car....I would not do it after heavy rain unless you have a 4WD.

It was not overly physically demanding for me but the loose rocks made it difficult towards the end. There is very little shade as you make the final ascent. A very small 'climbing' section at the very end. You can get some lovely views from the camels hump section, but the views from the summit are fantastic. There is also a walk around the plateau but it was too hot so I didn't do it. Take plenty of water and good ankle supportive shoes.
Mount Tibrogargan Summit (Glass House Mountains)
25 Nov, 2017
Very Hard
2 hrs
I climbed this peak with the help of an experienced climber. I would not attempt this without a person like this EVER! It was amazing but extremely difficult and very scary in some parts for me.
It was physically and mentally demanding and took us about 2hrs to get back to the car. Very easy to get there and there is a circuit around the base if cuddling rocks is not your thing.
Mt Maroon (Mt Barney National Park)
12 Nov, 2017
6km return
5 hrs
Did this trek with a small hangover. We started around 10.30pm and sumitted in approx 1hr 40min. It was quite challenging but I enjoyed the workout. Navigation was pretty easy, the path was reasonably clear and there were small orange markers to guide us. It was very quiet and we only saw 2 other hikers. The summit had a spectacular view and it wasn't too hot today. I even tried out my Lifestraw in some puddles up the top. Highly recommend this hike if you're fit and have good mobility.
Curtis Falls (Tamborine National Park)
Oct, 2017
1.1km return
30 mins
I have done this walk a few times - it's part of my personal Tamborine tour. It's an easy walk but gets a little waterlogged at times. It can be very busy with tourists on the weekends. The full route is lovely but be wary of the patch where the bats roost. It's a bit stinky. Most tourists just go to the falls and back so it's nice and quiet.
I also go at night which is well worth it. Very quiet and peaceful.
Witches Falls (Tamborine National Park)
17 Sep, 2017
3.4km return
75 mins
I did this walk early in the morning and was rewarded with a view of two Albert's Lyrebirds! It's not a hard walk and can be done in under an hour if you're in a rush. Watch your footing as it can be slippery when wet. I have yet to see the waterfall running.
Killarney Glen (Queensland)
Apr, 2015
2.5km return
45 mins
Loved this little's quite a steep descent to get down there. It's too bad the swimming hole is at the bottom - you want another swim on the return.
I didn't do the jump - the water was really low so far too dangerous. You can walk down to the bottom and swim in the creek without jumping. It's a very refreshing temperature but a lovely setting!