Mount Tibrogargan Summit

Glass House Mountains

Almost a free climb instead of a hike.
It’s quite tricky to actually find it. Come off the Steve Irwin way at Matthew something park and drive around the back and through a tight railway tunnel then off to the right. You’ll pass some farming sheds on your right and the track to the car park is on your left.

Picnic Facilities
Scrambling or Climbing
No Dogs Permitted
Eucalypt Forest

Getting there:

From Steve Irwin way from the Bruce Highway. Turn on to Barrs Rd to get to Tibrogargan.


Route/Trail notes:

Start on the Tibrogargan circuit walk and eventually you'll get to a sign pointing to the summit. It goes up pretty steeply until you get to the base of a cliff. From this point follow obvious wear marks to scramble up and up and up. Eventually it levels off with more bush and you're at the 364 metre summit!



Damn mountain got the better of me.
I like how people are saying this is EASY! 😳😳😳
If you’re scared of heights or of falling or your mind plays tricks on you causing you to freeze in place, just take each bit as it comes and don’t be afraid to turn back. Way too many people get hurt on these mountains.
Anyway,we got up the first climb but then saw the next long length of wall and I just couldn’t face it. So mad at myself about it though 😡

Jen on 21 Jul, 2018

very steep, very dangerous. must be a experienced in rock climbing.
great views all the way up

Simon Hutchen on 8 Jul, 2018

My 100th climb on Uncle Tibro :)

Aggy on 13 Apr, 2018


First section is almost a very low scramble? The path is rocky. I found it fine to walk but others took it slower. Second section (main portion) is a pretty relaxing climb, plenty of handholds. Steeper than beerwah, but an easier climb in my opinion, on account of the plentiful handholds.

Pretty nice views, including beerwah and the surrounding countryside. Summit is a little disappointing, too many trees to see 360, but if you follow the trail a little further, it opens out to a sort of cliff-side view of the land. Minus 1 point, would prefer somewhere with a greater variety of views, but still decent views nonetheless.

Would recommend for anyone who enjoys climbing and is confident. If you have experience climbing or scrambling you should have no problem.

Would recommend for people with a decent level of fitness but with little/no climbing experience, as long as you go with someone else with outdoor climbing experience or has successfully completed tibro in the past, to guide you along. Good balance, hand-eye co-ordination, flexibility, confidence and patience are more important here than raw muscle.

Sam on Apr, 2018

Great climb and one that you certainly can feel good about yourself once you get to the top. Chicken Rock at about halfway up is the point you'll reach where you make the decision to keep going or turn back. It is basically a 90 degree vertical climb using hand/foot holds approximately 25 - 30 meters in height.

Loose rock can be an issue underfoot if you do not watch where you are placing your feet so be sure to be mindful in that regard.

A great feather in the cap and looking forward to completing it again in the near future.

Steve on 18 Mar, 2018

Felt happy to conquer this today after an aborted solo attempt a year ago. Hard at the start - still challenging as you go but gets somewhat easier. Views at the top aren’t as good as I was expecting. Much too exposed for my liking and the day after I went a climber fell 30 metres on this track and had to be lifted out by a helicopter.

Juiced Pixels on 27 Jan, 2018

One of my favourites! Wouldn't recommend for anyone that isn't a fan of heights - have had a few friends bail out halfway on this one.

emma on 2018

I climbed this peak with the help of an experienced climber. I would not attempt this without a person like this EVER! It was amazing but extremely difficult and very scary in some parts for me.
It was physically and mentally demanding and took us about 2hrs to get back to the car. Very easy to get there and there is a circuit around the base if cuddling rocks is not your thing.

candycroc on 25 Nov, 2017

really enjoyed this was a reasonable work out, ,was hardest at beginning with almost free climb sections. found the descent easier then ascent

troy on 29 Oct, 2017

This is a scramble climb. Really cool powder sand about half way up and some small caves. Would do this again but bringing a buddy is a must

Kimberly Oberlin on 23 Sep, 2017

Open again after the brief closure, first time trying it, was tough in spots but rewarding! I found this easier then Beerwah

Lanaflash on 29 Jul, 2017

Was there today, they've closed the summit track to the public :(

umaycallmedanni on 14 Jul, 2017

twas a challenge. especially for my nephew whom has a small fear of heights.well worth the effort.

gizmobazz on 17 Jun, 2017

Great climb, a lot more technical than Mt Beerwah. Great morning,beautiful sun rises.

Maverick on 27 May, 2017

I'm a rockclimber and love this climb. Before rockclimbing I wouldn't have had the confidence, its a vertical climb and if you slip it wouldn't end well for you. But I see many people do this climb of many different fitness levels, just take your time and the view will be worth it.

diejam on Apr, 2017

Holy! Talk about conquering fears!! Leg shaking hyperventilating but exhilarating. Have never attempted anything like this but so glad I did. Although the thought of coming back down while out climbing up sounds terrifying it is actually easier. Don't be put off and go for it!!

Natalie on 26 Mar, 2017

Great climb!

Tui Jade on 20 Dec, 2016

Wouldn't class this as a very difficult but it certainly isn't for the faint hearted! The beginning is the hardest part. My partner did it barefoot! Bring water, insect repellent and definitely a camera. The views are amazing. Do not climb if wet!

Samuel Armstrong on 10 Dec, 2016

Just so people know, it was open last Saturday and also today. Climbed it both days, so worth it! There are really only 2 scarier sections right at the start, further up its much less freaky because it rolls over ledges all the time so you're never that far from a safe ledge below you.

Bumped into a dude named Joseph who helped a bunch of us climb up, he was awesome!

Today was the day after big storms & rain yesterday so it was very humid. Clouds of little flies up top, where last week there were only a couple.

My point is, conditions vary greatly: don't put off going up because you read something bad, never know what you'll find!

PeterN on 13 Nov, 2016

Very disappointed when I arrived for it to be closed and concerned since Beerwah was closed since 2011 to the beginning of this year and Coonowrin is yet to open (since the 90’s), last time Tibro was closed I think it took 4 years for it to open again.

This is a link to as the question, when will it reopen? Otherwise it will take years before we can climb this amazing mountain.

Roger on 25 Sep, 2016


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