El Mirador


A longish hike along a Mayan roadway to the partially excavated Mayan city, today called El Mirador, deep in the Guatemalan jungle.

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Getting there

How do you get to the start of the walk? You need to get a bus from Flores to Carmelita, the starting point of the trek, unless you have signed up for a group trek.


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Route/Trail notes

The trek is a five day return walk to the enormous Mayan site of El Mirador. The whole journey is along the ancient 'sakbe' or white road, constructed by the Mayans and elevated above the very flat jungle surrounds. The journey is very easy in terms of the condition of the path and the lack of elevation. The main difficulty is the humidity and heat and the length of walking each day. The first two days involve walking about forty kms to the site, stopping at some smaller Mayan remains along the way. The third day involves exploring the site and then it is time to walk back. I did the hike as part of an organisd group run by a co-operative in the village of Carmelita, but it is possible to do the walk independantly, or at least it was 2 years ago when i did it. The best thing about the walk is the chance to explore an enormous Mayan city that is still largely unexcavated.


Do you need any permits? What's the cost?In a group tour the cost can be quite steep but negotiable, otherwise independantly it will be almost cost free.

Other References

How can I find more info? Any guide books? Lots of info in guide books and on the web.


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