Bushwalking Etiquette - Aussie Bushwalking




 Bushwalk queitly, speak in  soft voices and turn your mobile to silent or even off. Enjoy the sound of the bush and let others do the same.


If taking a break, move off the track a little to allow others to pass by unobstructed.


Don't throw your rubbish into the bush - not even your apple core. It's not good for animals to eat non-native plants or food.


Bushwalkers going downhill stop and make way for walkers going uphill.


Leave what you find. The only souvenirs a bushwalker should come home with are photos, GPS co-ordinates and great memories !


When you arrive at the main attraction of the bushwalk take your photos, go and stand in front of whatever it is. walk through to the other side and get a reverse angle of the attraction. But afterwards move through and out of the way of following bushwalkers. They also want to get photos of only themselves in front of the attraction not 20 other people.


If you have to 'go' in the bush. At least 100 meters from any water source and at least 20 cms deep.


When walking don't walk around puddles you are widening the track. Take a step over the puddle or just go through.


When bushwalking in a group, single file is best. That way other walkers coming from the opposite direction aren't hindered.


If you see an oncoming walker is approaching say "g'day" or "hello" it makes a world of a difference.


Let faster walkers walk through. It doesn't hurt to be considerate. Walk with space in between other groups not right on their heels.


Don't forget when you reach the picnic or camp grounds the same rules still apply. Other bushwalkers don't want to hear you trying to loudly out talk each other they really want to hear mother nature. While they are eating.



Another day.....Another walk......