Bushwalking Essential Gear - Aussie Bushwalking




-     Map and a waterproof map  case to look after your map even in the rain

-     Compass, even if you carry a GPS it is good to be able to navigate with one

-     Water, always bring more than you need

-     Food, if you can bring a little extra

-     Clothes, make sure you have wet weather gear and a spare set for the drive home

-     Protection from sun, SLIP, SLOP, SLAP even in winter you can get burnt

-     First aid kit, look at the amount of people walking with you and where your going

-     Waterproof matches/ lighter

-     Fire starter (flint) and small candle

-     Large orange rubbish bag, good for pack liner or to help be found. And can keep you dry

-     Space blanket, they fold so small but a big use

-     LEAVE you bushwalking route with someone responsible. Contact them when home