Mt Maroon

 (Mt Barney National Park)

Mt Maroon is provides some of the best views in South-East Queensland, with 360 degree views ranging from Lamington NP through Mt Barney, the length of Main Range and the Moogerah Peaks.

Getting there

The track leaves from the end of Cotswold Rd which turns South of Boonah-Rathdowney Rd 2.7km East of Maroon township. The track ends at a small dam about 3.5km from the turnoff.


The Maroon 1:25000 covers the area.

Route/Trail notes

Follow the open hill just south-west of the dam. A reasonably clear track leads up the hill reasonably quickly (I wouldn't say it's steep, but if you've been doing graded tracks it'll get the heart pumping... ok, it's fairly steep!).

This track leads into a gully with some spectacular cliffs off to the right. If you're into rock climbing this cliff offers some good options. Just search for Ruby of India to get started.

Climb up the gully, taking care not to dislodge rocks down on your fellow hikers. At the top of the gully a track leads through a small area of vegetation before emerging at the base of the main, bald peak. Simply wind your way up this peak to the large cairn at the top and enjoy the views.

There are some trail markers along the way - orange triangles - but you should have reasonable navigation skills to attempt this one.


Great Climb ! Awesome Views !!

DrummerJeff on 1 Mar, 2014

Went with daughters and son-in-law. Took our time and got back in 4.75 hours. Also climbed in June 2013, and in that time they have installed a hygiene station where you spray your shoes. Have now been up a few times and always a good climb. First time got lost 3 times, with the main one ending at the cliff face mentioned by others. Orange triangles now give directions, but there are few of them and do not help missing right turn near the top. Highly recommended. :)

Donizen on 26 Dec, 2013

Third time and enjoy it more each time. Still easy to get lost if you miss the right turn at the top of the ridge. Views are better each time. Went with my two daughters and son-in-law. A very memorable day. Took about 4.5 hours total, but we did spend quite a bit of time at the top.

Donizen on 26 Dec, 2013

Third time and enjoy it more each time. Still easy to get lost if you miss the right turn at the top of the ridge. Views are better each time. Went with my two daughters and son-in-law. A very memorable day. Took about 4.5 hours total, but we did spend quite a bit of time at the top.

Donizen on 26 Dec, 2013

Clear day and no problems on ascent. The track has new markers on it to indicate directions although they are infrequent but most prominent when directions are needed such as right-hand turn to creek bed off the ridge. Lookout for some small cairns hikers have placed to indicate route to summit and return. Hiking poles would come in handy on steep decent so as to not loose your footing. There is Telstra reception on top of the mountain.

Badger on 4 Oct, 2013

1.5 hrs to top of gully, another 15 mins or so to the cairn. very windy at the top. altitude app said 971 m elevation [i forgot to check at cotswald but about 250 there i think]. about 1.5 hrs all the way down. still evidence of rockfall in the gully. wildflowers not quite in full swing yet. passed 6 other walkers on a regular thursday which seemed busy for a weekday.

Ben on 8 Aug, 2013

Went up a couple of days ago, choosing this shorter climb after dire warnings that Mt Barney required up to 10h. Found the route quite easy to follow with a bit of care and sense but the gully is VERY steep and moderately exposed; the warnings at the bottom are somewhat justified. On the other hand it's pretty short, we were somewhat disappointed that the whole thing took us less than 3h and only 1h 15 mins to the top. If you're a regular runner ignore the timing even if you're over 50.

ling on 28 Jun, 2013

Took just under 5 hours, but we took our time and spent quite some time at the top. Only saw one other person. It is approximately 4 times the height of the lookout on Mt Coot-tha. So if you climb the south track to the lookout and multiply by 4, it will give you an idea of what to expect. :)

Donizen on 7 Jun, 2013

Come off the Boonah-Rathdowney Road onto Cotswold Road & theres a car park after a few km - we didn't see any signs to the mountain or walk.
Took a group of 4 of us about 2 hours up at a reasonably quick pace, and an hour down at a quick pace. Everyone in the group was fit.
Mt Maroon is actually pretty big and is steep all the way up! Not to be taken lightly. Take a decent bit of food. 2L of water was fine for me on a cool day in late May, but 3L would do you if you wanted to have plenty.
There's a fair bit of scrambling but nothing very hard & no free climbing.
We went the wrong way at one stage. Follow 'noobwalker's advice. You scramble up between the two peaks you can see on your approach from Cotswold road. So if you come up against the very steep wall of the left hand peak, you need to cut back and head between the two peaks. You'll see the well established path and orange markers.

Probably the best views of any mountain I've climbed in queensland. Amazing!

Cliff on 28 May, 2013

Very, very busy for ANZAC Day, but worth it for the views on a day with great visibility. I've never seen the carpark close to full before, but it was overflowing. We passed a large group of geocachers, apparently there's a geocache somewhere near the summit

Allan Allport on 25 Apr, 2013

Did this yesterday with a pretty fit crew of 2, took 2 hours up and like 1.5 hours back down without any map/real idea where we were going beyond small internet clues. Pretty deluxe 360 deg views at the top.

From the carpark, you follow the trail past 2 environmental protection signs and walk alongside a fenceline up the ridge for about 45mins following the most obvious (nonleafy) trail, there will be some small orange markers indicating the correct direction to turn right into a slight descent but the trail is reasonably obvious to this point. after the decline there is a fork beside the east face where you can see to the right the letter P graffiti'd on a big rock, don't follow this way, instead go left up a pretty steep incline that will enter between two 'heads' of the mountain to a clearing from which you can see the summit directly south (previously not visible during the climb). you can choose pretty much any way from here to scramble to the top, but from the first clearing (big expanse of rock) veer slightly right to eventually get to the top

what a day !

noobwalker on 18 Jan, 2013

Great views.

Gregory Neverov on 29 Sep, 2012

Track seems to have had some more markers added which makes it easier to follow - still need to be well prepared though. Tore my calf two weeks ago so this was particularly difficult today! View from the top still makes it worthwhile though.

Richard Mason on 29 Sep, 2012

Tough climb! Went up with five kids, one super fit adult, one (me) who would like to be a lot fitter. Needed plenty of water, snacks etc but it was a safe, steady and ultimately very enjoyable climb... two and a half hours up, one and a half down.

mick on 26 Sep, 2012

After 2 weeks bed ridden with Dengue fever, this was hard work today. The weather was perfect and had a good crew with us. Great day.

WorldWalker on 19 Aug, 2012

Had a great walk up Cotswold track today, it was a warm day and the track was really dusty due to the dry weather we have had. Had lunch on top and enjoyed the views for about an hour.

Walkinghawk on 19 Aug, 2012

Ascended via the paddy's plain route due to the closure of Cotswold track. Enjoyed this very much walking up along the rock slabs, creek bed through the gorge then scrambling up over the rock, and making our way towards the summit over the rocky terrain.

Walkinghawk on 13 Jun, 2012

spectacular view up the top. On our first attempt on this trail, we ended at the cliff face that people have previously mentioned, and ended the walk there. Our second time, we actually made it to the summit. Have a read of the previous comments, so you don't miss the trail. Moving in a group of 4 at a leisurely pace, it took us about 6 hours including about 30mins at the summit.

hazwing on 19 May, 2012

Beautiful Maroon, solid approach, stayed out of the gully to climb north face of first mini-peak.
Very exposed scramble, experienced climbers only.
Several ways up, but all have heart-in-mouth moments, have been to main peak, also north peak and followed escarpment west until possible to go down, very rough going under cliffs and back to carpark.

Veet on 6 May, 2012

post about ascending via paddys plain was actually done on the 7th of August 2011... Pity you can't edit your previous walks...anyway this time we ascended via Cotswold track as it is now open, didn't have a problem finding the track to the right, yes it goes down a bit, but it does go back up I found this the most exciting part of the walk, made our way to the top of Maroon where we had lunch and chatted with another group, today was a fairly fast ascent and decent as one of us had to start work that afternoon..

Walkinghawk on 14 Apr, 2012
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