Mt Ninderry

Sunshine Coast

A pleasant walk following a 4wd track to a large plateau with great views of the sunshine Coast.

Getting there

Turn left off the Bruce Highway at Yandina and at the round-a-bout turn into Ninderry Rd. Folow this till Eucalyptus Circle and look for a cement drive up to the carpark on the right.



Route/Trail notes

From the carpark follow the 4wd track to the right up the hill. This goes up and down a few times till it reaches a steep rocky section that you follow up. There is a turn in the path. When it eases off follow the path through long grass and light forest to a tower site with great views. There is a memorial near the tower for a person who suicided up there. Follow around the top rock hopping and light bushbashing for more excellent views. Simply retrace your steps  to return to your car.



Other References

The Peak Baggers guide to the Sunshine Coast. Gary Cobb.


Great calf burner but definitely worth it for the views from the top. A bit difficult on the way down due to loose rocks.

Alice on 6 Apr, 2015

Did this hike this morning instead of cardio at gym. Does require decent footwear as steep at times and plenty of loose rocks. When you get to car park, notice the picnic table , trail is behind that. Water tower has a tap so dogs can have a drink too ;-)

Hike Kayak on 20 May, 2014

Tried to summit Mt Ninderry from Barcrest Rd but found hill overgrown with tall cane like grass. Took me over an hour to reach base of cliffs. Skirted base and decided to follow track to right and back down to another road and followed road back to car. Ended up walking over 8km and did not make it to the summit this time. Next time I will follow directions on Aussie Bushwalking site.

Grumps on 9 Dec, 2013

Steep some of the way, rewarded with a very pleasant view.

Adam on 3 Mar, 2012

Heard of this walk but couldn't find it till found this web site. Nice view at top. When we walked past the communications centre at the top some sort of alarm went off.

gone walkies on 4 Feb, 2012

Great walk, though the road up to the carpark is unmarked.
However, would rate this walk as normal rather than easy as it won't be for everyone with some steeper sections echoing Mt. Coolum. Great views towards the coast, though be careful on edge as some loose rocks.

Walkabout on 5 May, 2011

A wet and slippery walk. The grass was high on top.

Laurence Hallam on 16 Dec, 2010

Mount Ninderry track starts on an easy grade then enters a section that will set your heart pumping then back to easy for the final section to the lookout. There are interesting rock formations up top to be explored but be careful near the edge. A communications facility and a Memorial plaque also occupy the summit area. There is some evidence of surface workings (gold) near the track.

exo karpos on 28 Nov, 2010

A great walk but the grasswas high at the top and bit muddy on the way down.

Laurence Hallam on 29 Sep, 2010

A great walk on a windy day!

Laurence Hallam on 12 Aug, 2010

A friend lived nearby when we were teenagers so we walked this quite often

asterope on Sometime...
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