Best of All Lookouts

Springbrook National Park

Despite its lofty claims, this short walk is well worth the effort with excellent views of the Tweed Valley including Mt Warning, Byron Bay and The Cougals. If you haven't been there, make sure to stop off next time you're on the plateau.

Getting there

Head to the end Repeater Station Road on the Springbrook Plateau.

Route/Trail notes

The walk is a short stroll along a clear path. Make sure to check out some of the most accessible Antarctic Beech trees in South-East Queensland.

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If not best of all, pretty close... for gold coast

Pardo on 9 Apr, 2015

Took the kids for a quick walk. Unfortunately all in clouds but kind of expected that.

Richard Mason on 4 Apr, 2015

Easy walk - nice view

liteseer on 23 Jun, 2014

As always, amazing views. Was very clear and could see every mountain and even the ocean. A very easy, must see stop in my opinion.

Roxy on 3 Apr, 2014

Nice easy walk ... Great View !

DrummerJeff on 20 Oct, 2013

Short walk, great view. Awesome when it's cloudy inside the forest.

Rob N on 30 Mar, 2013

The Best of all Lookouts wasn't an ACTUAL big bushwalk. It just went for 700m and was really easy. Paths going into the forest so you could stand on the rocks and swing on the trees. There was also a massive thick tree protected by a fence which me and my mum didn't jump over. At the lookout you could see Mount Cougal, Mount Chincogan, The Sphinx and much more mountains

GiantChicken on 2013

Nice little walk. Seeing the Antarctic Beech trees is a must! Awesome view from the look out even if it was a hazy day. Nevertheless it was well worth the trip.

Stellar on 13 Jul, 2011

The Antarctic Beech trees are mesmerising and mysterious when a light fog is drifting through them.

Viking on 5 Jul, 2011

Lookout was in a cloud so there was nothing to see.

Gregory Neverov on 2 Oct, 2010

Great walk for the entire family. Views more than compensate even for those that don't like bushwalking.

Grumps on 2010

A breezy day to do this walk and loved the python on the path. It seemed to discourage others from the walk!

Laurence Hallam on 15 Dec, 2009

Does this one a few times over the years. Its a great little walk, passing great Antartic Beech trees on the way to one of the great lookouts.

Troy Kasper on 11 Nov, 2009

The view is spectacular!!!!

Viking on 2009

Great look out short walk, can be combined with other walks such purling brook or twin falls circuit.

Ross Cruickshank on 13 Dec, 2008

Awesome view!

Belinda Cruickshank on 13 Dec, 2008

Really loved the trees on this walk. Walked it with kids. Easy walk.

Natalie Noon on Sometime...

Great little walk with fantastic views at the end, track can get a little slippery in places and theres a few tree roots to watch out for on the path.
Well worth the short walk down to the lookout area

jason pobjoy on Sometime...

I've been to this lookout twice. The first time there was an amazing view, absolutely fantastic. The second time all you could see were clouds and fog, a curtin of white

Lisa Meier on Sometime...

The awe inspiring Antactic Beech trees make this walk a must.

Marian Moore on Sometime...
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