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Binna Burra

From the information centre, this interesting track winds up through open forest and rainforest to emerge on the road opposite the ship's Stern track entrance. It provides excellent views into the Coomera Valley and passes a large red cedar and fine specimens of other rainforest tree species. A range of volcanic rock types and formations can be observed. Koalas are often seen in open forest area along the walk. Take care when walking down the bitumen road to return to the start of the circuit, especially on weeekends when traffic is heavy. A self guiding brochure for this circuit is available at the information centre, Lamington Teahouse and at Binna Burra Lodge.

Getting there

How do you get to the start of the walk?


Route/Trail notes

I personally haven't seen a koala there in 15 years. Start this walk from the Binna Burra Lodge entrance. It saves having to walk up such a steep climb on the way back. The walk up along the road is an easier climb. I have walked both ways and coming back to the Lodge via the road is 7mins quicker and easier on your body rather than coming from the infomation centre along the track.


Permits required for back country camping, Costs involved at staying at Binna Burra Lodge, and the Binna Burra campsite as well. (I would personally try the campsite and get the full experience)

Other References

The Information Centre has many good titles on the area. 



Impressive overhang. Really huge! Good track. We used this track to return to our car after walking the Lower Belbird circuit rather than walking all the way on the road. It had been raining so some parts of the track were a bit muddy.

Ian and Sue on 26 Mar, 2015

Awesome short walk! The caves are fantastic, and we were lucky enough to meet a koala hanging out on the track. :D The little guy promptly scaled a tree when we approached, but stayed within sight until we wandered off. As another commenter mentioned, the circuit starts and ends at different points - one end is at the Information Centre, the other a little higher up at the same carpark that Bellbird comes out at.

Anonymous on Feb, 2015

Nice walk, we started at the Ranger Station and thought we'd end up where we started as it is a 'circuit' however we ended up near the campground and luckily had a downhill jog to our car. Nice set of overhanging caves, beautiful lookout on the way.
Saw a baby goanna and a red bellied black snake which got the adrenalin going. Stomped our feet the rest of the way :)
Fun short walk!

Alice on 16 Nov, 2014

One of the rare examples of a throughflow erosion cave at the transition boundary of two rock types in SEQ. Utterly spectacular. The views into the Coomera valley and the engineered path are both worth the steps and the zig-zagging.

Viking on 8 Jun, 2014

Was a very neat walk underneath the "caves" which to me were more of an overhang. Was lovely to walk through the rainforest as always. Saw some wildlife including some Pademelons. Nice and easy for the family.

Roxy on 9 Apr, 2014

Nice Walk through very picturesque Rain Forest. The walking hole bored through the mountain is a highlight, and reveal's a great photo opportunity once passed through.

DrummerJeff on 16 Mar, 2014

Not really caves... more overhangs

Allan Allport on 24 Nov, 2012

Not bad. The caves are impressive.

WorldWalker on 14 Oct, 2012

Have done this walk a few times over the years and its the driest I have seen it, but that just could be the time of year it is. The main point of interest is the Kweebani Caves, which were created by wind and rain erosion and were used for shelter and cooking. The track passes through these caves

Walkinghawk on 14 Oct, 2012

Not bad, but there are better walks at Binna Burra if you're short on time

Alun on Dec, 2011

One of my favourites. The caves section is amazing. Other parts have stunning views.

Rob N on 13 Feb, 2011

We walked up from the info centre. Not too steep, but only one major cave and a few "minor" sort of caves. Good walk and some views down the valley.

Steven Pynor on 19 Jun, 2010

A nice walk. Bit hot in summer.

Laurence Hallam on 10 Jan, 2010
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