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Mount Beerwah Summit (Glass House Mountains National Park)
13 Apr, 2019
Very Hard
2.9km return
3 hrs
I finally made it to the summit today after attempting Beerwah twice before but failing to get up the first cliff due to the smoothness and lack of defined handholds. It was a struggle going up, pretty scary at times. Usually you can climb up with the aid of some trees and shrubs to the right of the rock face. If you’re anxious it’s probably not for you, I had a panic attack midway up and had to really push myself to keep going. The summit is lovely, no shade though. The trek down is much easier as you’re on your bum for most of it. I ended up with a hole in the bum of my leggings! Once you’re reaching the bottom, go to the right if you want to avoid the steep smooth face!
Mt Maroon (Mt Barney National Park)
29 Jan, 2019
6km return
5 hrs
I really enjoyed Mount Maroon! I’m yet to tackle Mount Barney so this felt like good practice. Long tough climb up but not too difficult. My partner and I got lost on the way back and took a good while for us to get back on track. Definitely needs more markers along the way. The top has heaps of space and a bit of shade if you’re lucky. Plus the butterflies up there are gorgeous
Lower Portals (Mt Barney National Park)
10 Jan, 2019
7.4km return
3 hrs
A pretty solid walk in to get to the pools. The water is pretty dang cold but it’s nice after the long walk. You won’t be able to bring your phone or camera up into the rock pools with you unless it’s waterproof. We saw catfish and eels in the main swimming hole. To get up to the waterfalls and rock pools you have to climb up a massive boulder, there is a rope attached but definitely need some upper body strength to pull yourself up. Be super careful on the rocks as they are slippery as I found out the hard way, I fell and banged my knee and it was not a fun walk back to the car park.