Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park


Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair is one of the most well known and popular National Park in Australia. Host of the world famous Overland Track, the park is located in the Central Highlands region of Tasmania 165km north-west of Hobart. The park includes Mt Ossa, the highest mountain in Tasmania, and Lake St Clair, Australia's deepest lake, amongst a multitude of features.

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Without a doubt the Overland Track is the most famous walk in the park. Arguably the pinnacle of Australian bushwalking, the Overland Track is 65km long and generally takes 5-6 days but is often extended with side trips along the way.

The park also has numerous easily accessed day walks at both Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair, as well as opportunities for visiting other areas of the park with some more effort.

Major features of the park include Cradle Mountain, Dove Lake, Barn Bluff, Mount Pelion East and West, Mt Ossa, Pine Valley (including the Labyrinth and the Acropolis), and Lake St Clair.


TasMaps has a series of topographic maps that cover the park in detail.


There are multiple private accommodation options at both Cradle Mountain in the north and Lake St Clair in the south. Within the park there are public and private huts and camping areas though restrictions apply on their use.

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Cradle Mountain -

Lake St Clair -

63 km
8 days

Overland Track

The best-known, and arguably best quality, bushwalk in Australia, the Overland Track traverses the finest of Tasmania's wilderness: rugged mountain peaks, wild alpine moors and deep forests. With a series of side-trips available, no two trips are the same.

65 km one-way
6 days


6 days/5 nights - Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair

7 km one-way
3 hrs

Pine Valley

If the lure of the Tassie wilds is becoming too much, but you are concerned about 'biting off more than you can chew'. Then Pine Valley is a great 'toe dipper'. Reasonably straightforward to get to with good facilities means the experience is all the control over the weather though :)

4 km return
1 hr

Platypus Bay

An easy walk to a nice beach, with a nearby "hide" for viewing platypus (best at dawn and dusk).

Very Easy
20 mins

Waldheim Forest Walk

Waldheim and Weindorfers Forest Walk: a 20 minute circuit starting from the historic Waldheim Chalet. A glimpse into Gustav Weindorfers's pioneering life at Cradle can be seen at Waldheim Chalet.

2.4 km return
1 hr

Wombat Pool

This track is used by the Crater Lake Circuit but is still worthwhile as a shorter walk that has great views of Lake Lilla and Wombat Pool. There is a moderate amount of steps so a decent level of fitness is required.