Mt Barney - East Peak - Up South-East - Down South

Mt Barney Summit

Ascent of Mt Barney via South East Ridge and Descent via Peasants Ridge: a challenging but rewarding hike. The views are amazing and certainly worth the effort. If coming from Brisbane leave early and aim to be at Yellow Pinch carpark by 7:30-8am. Allow 3-4 hours for the ascent via the South East Ridge track and 2-3 hours for decent via South Ridge (Peasants Ridge) track.

Scrambling or Climbing
Navigation Required
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Access from Yellowpinch picnic area on Upper Logan Rd (enter "Yellowpinch" into GPS/Apple Maps and NOT Mount Barney!)


1:25K Mt Lindesay topographical map (Sun Map)
You can create a bespoke topographical map which can be downloaded as an image or PDF at QTopo

Route/Trail notes

13/08/18: Updated with new South-East Ridge trailhead info (image attached showing changes)

Start at the locked gate on the access road at the back of Yellowpinch carpark. Go around the gate and follow the gravel road uphill to Yellowpinch, go through the metal gate at the top and start walking downhill along the same gravel road. When you reach the bottom of the hill (approx 800m into the walk) there will be a cleared area on your right and you will see the NEW South-East Ridge trailhead; it is marked by a National Parks information board. Head along the path through the grass/shrub, cross the Logan River creek and then continue along the footpad up the steady incline. Approx. 1.5km into the walk you will reach an intersection; left going downhill and right continuing up the incline. This is where you join on to the traditional SER track. Take the right uphill, the incline will increase noticeably as the real ascent now begins. Continue along the footpath; when you come to a rock outcrop go to the right and keep heading up hill. At the next outcrop go left then right, where you should end up on a narrow ridge. Keep going up until you come to a steep deep gully go down and heading to the left climb an obvious route up. Keep going up past a razorback ridge. Where after a while you will come to a shallow gully where you head uphill to the right to a rocky slab that is a bit slippery so be careful. Keep going up hill follow the trail until another steep section and rock slab. Keep going and the summit soon comes into view. Keep going uphill with a few scrambles to the top of a rocky knoll. I found I reached here in about 3 and half hours from Yelllowpinch and followed the faint trail through scrub uphill to the summit.

Once you finish enjoying the summit head west and downhill for about an hour aiming for the faint circle of the old Barney Hut There are obviously many different descent routes some over rock slabs some down gullies. Generally follow a south by south west bearing.  Once at the Campsite cross the creek and move uphill to Rum Jungle Campsite. The route out goes uphill with some arrows showing the way. After 10 mins or so the route descends. Keep the rocks to your left as the track steeply descends a narrow rocky ridge. When you descend to a small clearing the trail turns right then left and keep going down till you come to a steep rocky slab that can be slippery. Descend this carefully! keep following the path downhill till you reach the sign at the beginning of Peasants Ridge. Follow the road to the beginning of SE Ridge and retrace your steps back to the carpark at Yellowpinch. This walk  was done when the weather was good and rock dry.


If you camp anywhere in Mt Barney Park, the cost is $6.15.

Other References

Take A Walk In South East queensland. Rob Rankin Secrets of the Scenic Rim


Hard walk with or without packs, be prepared for cramps and exhaustion and possible thoughts of giving up. But don't. The views from the top are surreal and the accomplishment is worth every step. Rum jungle is great to camp with a few flat spots, nothing will dry though as it's usually in the clouds and everything gets moist. Hardest walk I've done, but very rewarding

Simon Hutchen on 11 Jan, 2018

This is a fantastic walk. The climb is long and tiring but the route up was easy enough to follow. Following the trail on the descent of South Ridge was a bit more difficult and we had to double check the GPS a couple of times to relocate to the correct trail.

The views from SE Ridge are fantastic. Be prepared for dramatically different weather on different parts of the mountain. We had cold winds, rain and cloud at the top despite being mostly sunny at the bottom, so be sure to take a rain coat and maybe a warm layer.

Brendan on 30 Dec, 2017

Started at 0630. We took our time getting up at 5 Hours. Spent 1 hour in the saddle for lunch and exploring, then took 5 hours descending the long way. Great hike.

Although there is flowing water in the saddle, I highly recommend taking enough water to last the whole journey.. then you can empty/fill with fresh cold water if there is any available.

We saw a healthy big brown snake (around 1.5metres) at the very top.

Harry van Netten on 12 Nov, 2017

Completed this hike with a group, managed to reach the eastern peak in 4.5 hours via south east ridge, and descended in 3.5 hours via south ridge (through the saddle and rum jungle).
Great hike, challenging and diverse terrain. The trail can be difficult to follow at times. Overall a great day, will be back many times!

Cyn on 28 Oct, 2017

The final ascent to East Peak is quite challenging with steep rock climbs. Got off track a couple of times, even with the track notes, but with some considered thought and compass was able to pick it up again. It was a perfect late winter day, full sunshine and no wind or dampness. I wouldn't consider doing the full climb in hotter conditions. Started at 7:30 a.m. with a return to the carpark at 4:30 p.m. after many stops for water/food/photos, not to mention giving aching legs and feet a rest. Being fully prepared is a must.

DAVO240 on 15 Aug, 2017

We loved this walk but found it very hard and as such have labelled it Brokeback Barney. We went up boys and came back men. SE Ridge has a lot more views and interesting rock features than Peasants. SE ridge felt like 3 hours walking up very steep, uneven stairs, then some hairy climbs, not for folk with heights issues. Peasants was more in forest, still steep but no exposed climbs. We used the Wikiloc app to check our location a few times - very handy app, try it out. It costs a couple of bucks to access other peoples plotted trails. I drank about 3.5 litres of water.

0645 start Yellow pinch
0730 start SE ridge track
1045 summit
1115 depart summit
1215 Rum jungle
1415 finished Peasants track
1420 walked past start of SE ridge track
1505 finish
Total - 8 hr 20 min

Wig on 12 Aug, 2017

Did not complete due to cramp. Fortunately planned to camp so spend the night below summit and decided to descended rather than push ahead. Generally I underestimated my fitness, 15Kg pack probably didn't help. But nonetheless a great weekend adventure.

Brian Darlington on 8 Jul, 2017

Camped at Cronan Creek 9 overnight and started off at 8:10 AM. Weather was good but entered the clouds around two thirds of the way up, at which point the surface became quite slippery.

After reaching the top and having a lengthy lunch, we descended via Peasants Ridge. Within five minutes of commencing our descent I managed to twist my ankle. Thankfully we had brought a first aid kit, I took a couple of painkillers and my mate bandaged up my ankle.

We arrived back at our campsite at around 4:20 PM.

This hike is as challenging as others have described, and good preparation and gear is imperative. At the start of the walk, a t-shirt certainly seems sufficient but conditions rapidly changed several times during our time on the mountain. The temperatures were not too bad, we took 4L drinking water each and drank 2.5-3L during our hike.

Corn on 9 Jun, 2017

Super climb up & down South East Ridge. Great time of year too. We probably made the mistake of not returning via the Peasants Ridge as heading down South East Ridge is no walk in the park - jarring on the knees and easy to get lost - we deviated twice - once down the wrong ridgeline! Cant believe some people do this track in the dark with torches! Took us 10 hours return to the car park.

lexnlondon on 27 May, 2017

Took 8hrs to complete, not my highest yet definitely one of my more challenging hikes. I mainly hike alone , but this one got me thinking "wish I had a hiking buddy right now" ( more than just my SPOT GPS ) . Don't underestimate Mt Barney and ensure to carry plenty water / food. Even today thought it was still a bit warm. Started at just before 6am with a temp of 11c but half way that sun was noticeable.

J on 29 Apr, 2017

Started just after it had been raining so it made for some slippery spots. Great views but a little clouded in. Did the west peak as well before heading down. Had lots of fun with this walk.

Grant on 22 Apr, 2017

Did this as an overnighter, incredible views at sunset, magic! Definitely one of the toughest mountains in Australia.

Zerpy on 14 Apr, 2017

Lots of fun rock scrambing and hopping towards the top. Probably took us 9-10 hours with ample stops to enjoy the views. Allow an early and full day coming from Brisbane.

kodama on 2017

First time on Mt Barney. Up via SE Ridge, down via Peasants Ridge. I used 4l water and the cramps tell me i should have drunk more. I was helped enormously by online information. 7 hrs return to carpark with my 15yo son

Matt Dempsey on 7 Oct, 2016

After the terrible conditions (and complete lack of views) on the last trip, had to sort out my unfinished business with this mountain and it delivered. At a smidge over 8 hours I was 2.5 hours quicker than last time, albeit with a smaller group and much better (i.e. relatively dry) conditions. Yet again we managed to inadvertently bypass the last scramble on descent, though this time we realised sooner and traversed directly back to the track before we dropped down into the lawyer vine.

Michael on 25 Sep, 2016

Awesome Hike!! I went solo with previsions for an overnight stay if things got ugly. What I mean by that is I followed the Route Trail notes on here and found the track quite easily. I love this walk. Can get hard in the hotter months.

Luke on 9 Aug, 2016

Waited a few weeks for weather to stop raining this year. Finally took my chances with a small group of 4 hoping to beat my time (10h15min) from last year in a group of 12. I successfully increased my time to 11hrs! ;)

Rock was a little wet in places but not too bad. Didn't have a rope this time so going over the first large boulder was the first fun time of the hike - I was simultaneously pulled up by my hand and pushed up from my bum :) Went up sweeping the rock on my right hip and laughing my head off. Weather held up nicely. Path looked a lot more defined now than last year.

agms on 7 Aug, 2016

Went up peasant's ridge and down the south ridge. Brutal descent on the knees but such a rewarding walk. Make sure you bring lots of water and food. One of the best walks I've done in Australia

scoobasteve on 14 May, 2016

10.5 hours. Wet and clouded in the whole day. Had to use a rope on first scramble section of SE ridge due to wet rock.

Michael on 1 May, 2016

Completed this hike as my first ascent of Mt Barney, and I can't wait to attempt Logan's ridge next time!
Unfortunately I had a white out at the top but I am already making plans on going back in a couple of weeks!

CamronDixon on 24 Apr, 2016


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