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At 632 m Mt Edwards is the conical-shaped peak rising beside the Cunningham Highway close to Aratula. The national park was gazetted in 1966. It encompasses Mt Edwards, Little Mt Edwards, part of Reynolds Creek as well as a very nice gorge with pine trees on one side. After crossing the dam wall, sign says 3 km to the summit, but it is the elevation gain that gets the heart pumping. You start at about 150 m elevation and summit is 634 m, so almost 500 m rise. The hike up can be divided into three parts. First part is gradual rise to a rocky slab with good views of Little Mt Edwards and the gorge between them containing Reynolds Creek. Second section is steep with loose rocks so care is needed. Final part to the summit is gradual rise again for about 600 m. A bit of exploration can be done to the right and left when you reach the top.

No Dogs Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Get to Aratula then signage to Lake Moogerah on the left



Route/Trail notes

walk across the dam wall and then you come to the beginning of the track. It is well marked and rocky all the way up. From the Gorge Lookout there great views of Little Mt Edwards. Be careful at cliff edges. Once at the top there is a survey marker. As well as different lookouts offering many vantage points.


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Other References

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Did this with my 7 year old, nice day to be out.
90 minutes up and 70 minutes down

andre on 29 Jun, 2019

Amazing views at the the summit, bit of cardio required but was doing it quite briskly. Highly recommend!

Karshing on 29 Jun, 2019

Steep walk that was well marked (track with steps etc) views from top spectacular

Travlinon on 22 Jun, 2019

We were going to do mount Greville for sunrise but could not navigate to the correct area so we did mount edwards instead! Steady incline the whole way up but was worth it at the top! Couldn’t see anything going up as it was still dark but good to see everything on the way down! Nice quick hike would do it again

Nikki B on 16 Jun, 2019

Surprised to pass at least 3 different walkers in thongs. Not sure how they went with the rocky bits. The ascent, which took under an hour, got the heart racing and I needed a shirt change at the summit. Not much to see while climbing, but various views through trees at the peak were wonderful.

Bing Vandergraaf on 15 Jun, 2019

Fairly consistent climb up, good track with some loose stones for the middle third- but not slippery. Nice views from the top. The dam is also very scenic.

Ross on 12 May, 2019

Well worth it of the view!! Short but tuff

Sally on 27 Apr, 2019

Walk across the Dam wall and follow the signs. A steep climb to the top but not a difficult walk. Pace yourself and enjoy the views

Rob on 24 Apr, 2019

This is a really nice hike!

A really well defined trail and some good elevation to get the blood pumping. View from the summit is well worth the climb.

DanielYNWA on 22 Apr, 2019

Lovely scramble to the top. Nice view from the top :)

Caroline Kaup on 21 Apr, 2019

It's all up hill, but I found it quite pleasant. Very rocky, but not slippery. A bit of clambering involved, but I found this a bit more exciting than just the walking. Beautiful view at the top.

Tanya on 19 Apr, 2019

Great to introduce new hikers to. Scenic start crossing over the dam, some incline but nothing tricky. A good morning hike that brings you back down in time for lunch.

JayWalker on 10 Mar, 2019

Nice walk up through the bush with good views at the top.

Allan on 2 Mar, 2019

Do not eat a big breakfast before the walk if you don't want to feel lightheaded on the way! Such a noob move for me. This is a nice walk and good views at the top!

Celine on 3 Feb, 2019

Done this plenty of times, but would like to do Little Mt Edwards. Anyone know if this is possible? And if so, which direction is best.

Donizen on 23 Jan, 2019

A hard walk on a very hot day. Took us a little over 1hr going up, with lots of breaks, and 40min on the way back (with 10min at the top). Great views over the valley from the top, but a dry, hot (33'C), rocky, steep hike up.

noniej on 13 Jan, 2019

Incline walk from the get go when you cross the dam bridge. Took just on an hour getting up. Found the track relatively boring compared to Mt Mitchell and Mt Cordeaux. Lots of loose rocks under foot. Slipped on my way down and gave myself a lovely bruise. The views pretty amazing. Overall good workout.

Alana on 30 Dec, 2018

The final Hike of the year on Mt Edwards. Crossing the dam wall at Moogerah I was surprised to see a 3 km distance sign to the summit. Usually I check the distance but didn't on this one. The first km comes up to a nice ridge looking out to Mt Edwards little brother which was nice.
The 2nd km was a lot harder going up as it gets rockier and it was also 34 c on the day. Into the last 600 m it flattens out which was a nice change. Views to the north on the summit and a great refreshing breeze to recover.

KidBear on 30 Dec, 2018

Quite a boring and rough walk up & down, but gorgeous views from the summit

Mittens83 on 9 Dec, 2018

1 hour 22mins up and just over 1hour coming back down. Stunning views.

Karen M on 15 Sep, 2018


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