At 632 m Mt Edwards is the conical-shaped peak rising beside the Cunningham Highway close to Aratula. The national park was gazetted in 1966. It encompasses Mt Edwards, Little Mt Edwards, part of Reynolds Creek as well as a very nice gorge with pine trees on one side. After crossing the dam wall, sign says 3 km to the summit, but it is the elevation gain that gets the heart pumping. You start at about 150 m elevation and summit is 634 m, so almost 500 m rise. The hike up can be divided into three parts. First part is gradual rise to a rocky slab with good views of Little Mt Edwards and the gorge between them containing Reynolds Creek. Second section is steep with loose rocks so care is needed. Final part to the summit is gradual rise again for about 600 m. A bit of exploration can be done to the right and left when you reach the top.

No Dogs Permitted
Maximum Elevation
Total Climb

Getting there

Get to Aratula then signage to Lake Moogerah on the left



Route/Trail notes

walk across the dam wall and then you come to the beginning of the track. It is well marked and rocky all the way up. From the Gorge Lookout there great views of Little Mt Edwards. Be careful at cliff edges. Once at the top there is a survey marker. As well as different lookouts offering many vantage points.


No costs required

Other References

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The final Hike of the year on Mt Edwards. Crossing the dam wall at Moogerah I was surprised to see a 3 km distance sign to the summit. Usually I check the distance but didn't on this one. The first km comes up to a nice ridge looking out to Mt Edwards little brother which was nice.
The 2nd km was a lot harder going up as it gets rockier and it was also 34 c on the day. Into the last 600 m it flattens out which was a nice change. Views to the north on the summit and a great refreshing breeze to recover.

KidBear on 30 Dec, 2018

Quite a boring and rough walk up & down, but gorgeous views from the summit

Mittens83 on 9 Dec, 2018

1 hour 22mins up and just over 1hour coming back down. Stunning views.

Karen M on 15 Sep, 2018

I walked this afternoon, took 2 and 1/2 hours including a good rest break at the top. Nice views! Was tiring on the waybuo, but I'd done Mt Mitchell in the morning so was feeling a tad weary. Hiking poles helped especially on the way down. :-)

Caro on 2 Sep, 2018

The incline felt challenging (the Scenic Rim website states Mt Edwards is a "Class 5 walk") but there was a lovely clearing at the top where we took in the view & chilled out for twenty minutes or so before coming back down.

Sass on 28 Jul, 2018

Great little mountain hike. Got up and back with photos, breaks and taking easy in 2 hours 12 mins. Saw a few people walking up with no water which was silly as we went through a bit of water on the way up. ** take plenty of water and some snacks for a break at the top and replenish your energy.

Tad slippery in places due to loose rocks and bull dust. Hard on the knees coming back down but nothing too difficult.

Very disappointed that we saw 4 dogs on the track - the people saw the signs and just walked straight past them.

LizMcD on 22 Jul, 2018

This walk is a never ending incline with lots of rocky steps. The first km to the first lookout was pleasant and then it's quite rocky until you get near the top when it starts to flatten out. Hard on your knees on the way down. Stunning view from the top. Great winter walk.

scruffy on 1 Jul, 2018

Incredibly challenging and a complete leg burner but absolutely beautiful. The path is well worn and easy to follow. No skill required just sheer determination to get to the top. Take snacks for a picnic up the top!

Natalie on 1 Jul, 2018

This was a lovely walk with friends not too hard a little steep for our newbies but no problem with anyone took a couple of little ones with us and they loved it we finished with a bbq for lunch. All in all a great day out.

HR on 10 Jun, 2018

Great walk, a bit overgrown in parts and the track can become narrow at times but worth the view at the top. Took our 3 kids (8-13yrs) and whilst it was challenging for them, especially over the rocky parts they had a great time.

Familywalker on 6 May, 2018

Great walk, going up can be a mission for some as it’s 2.5km of just uphill walking. I did this with my son he is 7yrs old and he left me behind like usual!
Once you finally make it to the top the view is amazing and great spot to relax have quick bite and recover for the descend back down but be careful of lose rocks and branches

Shara on 25 Apr, 2018

Hi, I'm 8 years old, this is my 3rd hike. My dad and I did this walk in just over 2 hours. I struggled a little on the way up, and I ran out of water in my camelback on the way down.
I enjoyed the view at the top.

Harry the Hiker on 15 Apr, 2018

Decent mountain, starts with a scenic walk around the dam then quickly gets into it. There is a rocky outlook about 1/3 of the way up with a nice view if you don't want to commit to the whole mountain. After that it has a fairly consistent gradient of climb, had to have a couple of breaks to catch our breath. And I can confirm you will want to bring water with you for this (by the time our group made it to the rocky lookout 2 people had finished their water, although one of those finished it before he got out of the car #rookiemove). Great view at the top, with heaps of room to have lunch if you so chose to. Takes close to 90 minutes to get up at a comfortable rate.

Vonsnrub on 31 Mar, 2018

This is a good one!

Michael Richards on 31 Mar, 2018

Very good walk with a beautiful view at the end and we'll with it. Track is a little over grown in some areas due to trees falling but easy enough to go around.

Robert on 13 Jan, 2018

First half to the lookout spot is easy enough. Second half to the summit is a challenge for more elderly walkers but worth while views at the top.
Agree with other walkers- take plenty of drinks.

Cheryl on 28 Nov, 2017

Good quick hike, the track gets steeper on the second half of the journey. About halfway has nice views from a rocky cliff section, but continue up for the great summit views over the valley :)
Remember to take enough water - I passed a guy on my way down who had run out of water just past the half way mark. I used my remaining water to fill up his 600ml bottle...
The sign says 3km to summit but it's the elevation that gets you sweating!

Cyn on 19 Nov, 2017

Did this walk on a quiet day, had the track to ourselves. Whilst I would say I am relatively fit for my age, it was quite a challenge and I take my hat off to all those who say they have taken younger kids up there. Nice views from the top but it would have been nice for more views of the lake. Still enjoyed the challenge though

ozsailor on 24 Oct, 2017

We did the walk today early in the morning, took us 49 min to the top and about the same time down hill. A nice and well track all the way except a bit rocky underfoot at mid section. Slight disappointment that we were unable to see the Lake from the summit. Overall enjoyed this short walk!

orienteer88 on 21 Sep, 2017

We did this walk today with my 4yr old and 11yr old, they both loved the walk and the youngest walked the whole way up and down by himself, will do this again.

motogp_champ on 19 Sep, 2017


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