Main Range National Park


Main Range National Park straddles the Great Dividing Range West of Brisbane. The park includes some of the most popular mountain walks in South-East Queensland including the highest mountain in the region, Mt Superbus.

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Lookouts and rugged landscapes are the highlight of Main Range. Walks range from well marked tracks like Mt Cordeaux and Mt Mitchell to multi-day off track treks down the range.


The large area which Main Range covers means quite a few maps are required to cover the whole area, but most walks will only use 1 or 2 of these. Sunmap 1:25000 sheets which cover the area include Cunninghams Gap, Mt Superbus, Wilsons Peak, Teviot, Mt Clunie, Mt Alford, Glen Rock, Townson, Thornton, Rosevale and Junction View

A 1:50000 sheet - Cunninghams Gap - is also available for the main area with adjoining maps of some use. Forestry maps may also be available.


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7 km return
3 hrs

North Branch Track

Commencing opposite the Kurrajong picnic area, this trail follows the north branch of Dalrymple Creek, before ending just inside the rainforest edge.

4.4 km
2 hrs

Palm Grove Circuit

Branching from the Rainforest Circuit, this walk ends in a one kilometre circuit featuring a dense grove of Piccabeen palms in rainforest and open eucalypt forest. A variety of birdlife can be seen and the track is suitable for all ages.

Very Easy
130 m
12 mins

Pioneers Graves

130 meters south of the Pioneer picnic ground. A cairn stands to represent where the Pioneers of the area are buried.

2 km return
45 mins

Queen Mary Falls Circuit

From the Queen Mary Falls lookout, watch Spring Creek plunge over the 40m Queen Mary Falls to continue its twisting journey down the valley floor to join the Condamine River. On a summer's day take time to pause for a moment to feel the waterfall's cool spray.

There are often water dragons sunbaking on rocks around the valley floor and the track goes through plenty of ferns and native Australian trees.

1.6 km return
25 mins

Rainforest Circuit

The circuit commences at the eastern end of The Crest car park. It passes the Allan Cunningham monument and is the beginning of an extensive track system on the northern side of Cunninghams Gap. The Fassifern Valley lookout is on the eastern part of the circuit and can be reached by climbing the stairs at the first track junction. The lookout provides a spectacular view over distinctive volcanic peaks, the Fassifern Valley and Lake Moogerah.

For an easier way round the circuit, turn left at the base of the stairs and walk the circuit in a clockwise direction.

47 km one-way
4 days

Scenic Rim Trail

The Scenic Rim Trail is a new 4-day/3-night hike near Brisbane. Our group didn’t find the DES website information particularly helpful so thought we’d add some details we would liked to have known for future hikers.

Very Hard
6 km return
4 hrs

Spicer's peak

A steep and loose ascent from Governor's Chair. The views are great over the Fassifern Valley.

18 km
2 days

Spicers Peak West

We have ventured to this part a couple of times now and still find it a challenge worth doing.
Nothing massively hard in the climb to the top except when we last did the climb and indeed every time before that we were carrying way too much weight.

We followed the old track up from Governors Chair lookout for about 3.5km until seeing a clearing on the left hand side of the road.
From there we left the road to find the bigger of the the spurs that lead to the main ridge. The climb up the spur did get a bit steep towards the ridge and was quite soft dirt under foot so takes a bit of time to get through. We like to do things the hard way ...(:

Once on the ridge the route does get a bit easier for a while with a gental climb for a couple of hundred meters.
From there it gets steeper and rockier with some minor obstacles and scrambling.
Camping before reaching the overgrown part on a grassy outcrop, we have an awesome view of the Darling Downs district and the sun set.
As much as like new places, this mountain keeps me coming back for more.
Maybe it's because it's not as popular as other walks near by.

940 m return
20 mins

Sylvesters Lookout

From Sylvesters Lookout carpark follow an easy walking track to outstanding views. Even though they maybe limited but still worth the walk.

Very Hard
6.5 km
5 hrs

Sylvesters Lookout to HOLE-in-the-WALL

Near the top of a rocky ridge there's a hole where there used to be a hole. Spectacular views across the Laidley Creek valley , Mt Castle and the Main Range