Great Sandy National Park


Including Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, along with Cooloola on the mainland, Great Sandy National Park is a focal point for canoeing, fishing and some excellent bushwalking.

The highlight is the Fraser Island Great Walk and the Cooloola Wilderness Trail.

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12 km return
3.5 hrs

Elanda to Kinaba / Kinaba Track

Cabbage palm and paperbark wetlands feature along this popular walk to the Sir Thomas Hiley Information Centre (Kinaba) on the shotres of Lake Cootharaba.

76.6 km one-way

Fraser Island

Kingfisher - Lake McKenzie - Central Station - Lake Boomanjin - Dili Villiage - Jabiru Swamp - Hook Point

Walking on Fraser is a must-do! It's beautiful and unique. The walking tracks are separate to the vehicular tracks, so it feels like you are really in the guts of nowhere with no one else anywhere nearby, when in fact, if you need it, you can call a taxi and get the heck out of dodge if something crops up. The campsites at almost all the locations are fenced, have gear lockers , a wooden platform and a cleared area for your tent. All the sites have a separate camping area for hikers. The best thing about walking on Fraser is that you don't need to stress out about water because it's everywhere all year round, whatever the weather.

83 km one-way
5 days

Fraser Island Great Walk

Dilli Village - Lake Benaroon - Central Station - Lake McKenzie - Lake Wabby - Valley of the Giants - Happy Valley

3 km return
1 hr

Freshwater Lake

Easy walk along a well formed walking track to the lake. It is possible to circumnavigate the lake which will add around 4.5km to the walk. The lake has a tree leaning across which can be climbed and has a rope swing for swinging into the lake. Check for submerged objects!

12.8 km
4.3 hrs

Harrys camping to Camp site 3

12.8 km return/4 hours 30 minutes

4.8 km return
3 hrs

Lake Wabby Circuit

Park at the beach and hike up to Lake Wabby , trip starts with a longish walk through some beautiful forests before you reach the sand dunes and the lake. I would suggest that thongs are not a good choice for this walk. A pair of runners would be best for this walk over changeable terrain. As you emerge from the trees and walk out onto what seems like never ending sand dunes, you straight away get that feeling that the walk you just completed was completely worth it.

3.2 km return
1 hr

Mill Point Cemetery

An easy flat walk through woodlands and along fire trails to a memorial in honour of the early Mill Point settlers.

4.2 km return
90 mins

Poona Lake walk

Easy walk through tall forest with kauri and hoop pines, piccabeen palms and strangler figs

32 km return
2 days

Rainbow Beach to Double Island and return by Lake Poona

A beach walk from rainbow Beach to Double Island Point then onto Freshwater Camp Ground and an inland bushwalk back to Rainbow Beach.