Brisbane Forest park D'Aguilar National Park


Declared a national park in 1977 approx size 28 500 hectares second largest park in south east queensland. Originally settled by timber cutters approx 1870. Gold was discovered in mid 1800's there are many mines scattered throughout Cedar creek areas. The area is made up of D'Aguilar National Park, Jollys Lookout National Park, Maiala National Park, Boombana and Manorina National Parks. On Brisbanes door steep.

Popular Walks


The area has a history of Timber cutting, gold mining, farming, housing and eventually National Parks.


So many diverse areas ranging from rainforest to open eucalypt forest. 

WARNING{ As at 13'1/11 there are many washouts of the fire trails. Lawnton Rd.and Eng;and Creek Road are cut in at least two places before the camp grounds!!


Go along to 60 Waterworks Road. The Brisbane Forest Park information Centre is there. Also a Brisbane City Council bus goes right to the door of the Information Centre.


Maps are available from Brisbane Forest Park. D'Aguilar Range.


Bed & Breakfast on MT. Glorious, plus so close to Brisbane


Check with Brisbane Forest Park for further details

Contact details

Brisbane Forest Park 1300 130 372

Brisbane City Council 07 3403 8888


5.25 km return
2.5 hrs

Hidden Waterfall

Neat hidden waterfall near Lepidozamia firebreak

14 km return
4 hrs

Holmans break

This is a beautiful walk around a large section of the bushland in which Enoggera Reservoir sits. You will walk through lots of varied vegetation, keep an eye out for goannas, lots of different birds and turtles sunning themselves on a log in the dam. A great way to spend 4 hours! I do recommend that you have a map - you can purchase the topographical map from Walkabout Creek.

Start out from the bottom carpark at Walkabout Creek, take the small track to the far right that follows Mt Nebo road. There is a very steep hill right in front of you! Follow this track for about 2 km, (turn around every now & again and you will catch glimpses of The Brisbane City skyline), The track will split - stay on the track that is to the right, still following Mt Nebo road, which is also on your right (you can't really see the road) for about another 1km. You will come to a bit of a clearing under the power lines - turn around and enjoy the view out over The Gap!

There are great views of Mt Cootha on your left and the mountain range in the distance (that I don't know the name of!). There is quite a steep descent down to a beautiful creek - take some time to enjoy a rest here as there is a VERY steep ascent ahead of you! It's probably about a 600 metre climb, which will bring you out under another power tower. Look over to the next tower - that is where you are heading! Continue along the trail for about another 1 km and you will come to a T junction, stay left for another couple hundred metres to another junction - go left again onto Fire Break 69. Don't forget to look over to your left when you reach the power tower and see how far you have come! Continue down Fire Break 69 until you reach another junction - this is McDonalds Loop. We went to the left and followed it down to the end where it hooks up to the Enoggera Reservoir loop - again we went left and followed the trail back along the reservoir to Walkabout Creek.

17 km
5 hrs

Lake Manchester loop

Starting and ending at the day use area, this is a clockwise loop in the hills around Lake Manchester through a conservation park adjacent to the D'Aguilar Range National Park (Brisbane Forest Park section).

5 km return
2 hrs

Lantana Break

A nice 5k walk from Wirrabarra road. I would recommend heading along powerline break first, then up lantana break and coming back down Rocky Mountain High. Lantana break is heading directly up from the gullly to the top of the ridge, quite a challenging walk, but well signposted and takes about two hours all up. I'd recommend heading there after a little bit of rain so that the ground is softer and not at slippery.

900 m return
45 mins

Lophostemon Walk

A short circular stroll following and crossing Neurum Creek.

13 km return
4 hrs

Maxine K Stringer

The track was well marked. Enjoyed hearing the lovely sounds of the Eastern Whip Bird and Kookaburra. We were also fortunate to come across a large Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo drinking from a puddle on the track. As we are from New Zealand we found the bush land completely different. It took us 3 and 3/4 hours including half hour stop for lunch at the look out. We were the only ones on the track.

Very Hard
15.4 km one-way
4 hrs

Mt Glorious to Dundas Road

This is a fantastic walk which is actually the first leg of the annual Oxfam Walk. You do need two cars for this walk - park one car at Mt Nebo Road transfer station, Dundas Road and another at Miala picnic Grounds, Mt Glorious. We started from Miala and enjoyed spectacular views out towards Lockyear Valley before we gently wound our way down to the bottom of the valley. Make sure you enjoy a rest at the creek because ahead of you is a VERY steep walk out of the valley. This is the steepest hill I have ever walked and the trail was very slippery - it was actually easier to walk beside the trail, then we could use the trees to hold onto! The hill goes on FOREVER, but when you eventually reach the top you will have a real sense of achievement - and more sensational views!

More detailed information about this walk can b e found here:

18 km
10 hrs

Mt Mee horse trail - Dianas bath

Follow the Mt Mee horse trail through a variety of forests to a stunning natural waterhole known as Dianas Bath.
This walk traverses two peaks, with a total rise and descent of 600m each way (so 1.2kms overall!!). The trail is loose weathered gravel and stones, is often very rutted and is quite slippery going up and much more slippery going down! The hills are between 15-29% gradients and quite long so you need to be very fit.
Much of the trail is overgrown with grasses and lantana, as well as the occasional fallen tree but the waterhole at the end is worth the walk, and definitely worth a swim!
Just after the first descent you cross Byron creek, which flows all year round and the rocks can be quite slippery. The water in this creek is a stunning shade of blue and crystal clear!

Start and end at the carpark just off Mt Brisbane rd - no messing around here - the walk immediately starts up to the peak of the first hill.

This walk should take between 7-10 hours with breaks dependent on your level of fitness and the state of the track.

1 km return
30 mins

Pitta Circuit

Lovely walk through a Eucalyptus forest before entering a lovely cool rainforest. The track winds around onto a boardwalk which totally surrounds a strangler fig where the host has totally rotted away. A number of educational signs give some great information for the younger members of the family.

600 m return
30 mins

Rocky Hole

A short walk down to the crystal clear cooling waters of Rocky Hole for a very welcome swim on a hot day.